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National Certificate in Motor Industry (Entry to Automotive Trades) (Level 2) Modules


With strands in Automotive Electrical and Mechanical, and Collision Repair

Programme Regulations

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute's Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

Group A: 
Compulsory Modules (36 credits)

Module Code
Module Title
TE07118Manage Own Learning Programme32
TE00249Personal Workplace Requirements52
TE03856Emergency Procedures22
TE21672Emerging Technology52
TE21673Stock Security22
TE03877Protecting Vehicle Electronics22
TE00229Locations and Functions of Systems42
TE21869Road Wheels11
TE16113Safe Working Practices22
TE21669Hand Tools and Equipment22
TE21858Work Habits42
TE21859Select and Use Hand Tools22

* Group B:
Core Elective Modules (Minimum of 14 credits required)

Module Code
Module Title
TE00101Keyboarding Skills31
TE07123Problem Solving22
TE21857New Zealand Motor Industry21
TE00233Automotive Battery22
TE21719Motor Vehicle Lamps12
TE21670General Engineering Tasks32
TE21671Carry Out General Engineering Tasks42
TE21682Oxy-Acetylene Welding22
TE21683MIG Welding22
TE21684Use MIG Welding Plant32
TE21685Use Oxy-Acetylene Plant32
TE21714Fastening Systems22
TE21715Use Fastening Systems22
TE02989Read and Assess Texts42
TE00056Customer Enquiries21
TE00057Customer Service22

* Group C:
Automotive Electrical and Mechanical Strand (Minimum of 30 credits required)

Module Code
Module Title
TE00234Starting and Charging Systems42
TE00235Ignition Systems42
TE21667Electrical Circuits32
TE21676Test Auto Electrical Circuits42
TE21707Automotive Electrical Principles62
TE00240Petrol Fuel Systems32
TE21677Diesel Fuel Systems22
TE21678Repair Exhaust system23
TE21692Service Diesel Fuel System22
TE00247Prepare For Use22
TE21679Balancing and Interchanging Road Wheels22
TE21680Lubricants and Sealants22
TE21716Apply Lubricants and Sealants12
TE00239Manual Transmissions22
TE00924Cleaning Equipment12
TE21668Cleaning Components22
TE00231Two and Fours Stroke Engines42
TE00243Tuning Four Stroke Engine42
TE00244Assemble Four Stroke Engine62
TE21686Cooling Systems22
TE21687Tuning Petrol Engines32
TE21688Assemble Multi-Cylinder Engine32
TE21717Service Cooling Systems32
TE21722Balance Wheels22
TE21689Brake Fluid22
TE21720Braking Systems22
TE21721Vehicle Suspension22

* Group D:
Collision Repair Strand (Minimum of 30 credits required)

Module Code
Module Title
TE21700Use Hazardous Materials22
TE21718Hazardous Materials22
TE21693Motor Body Power Tools22
TE21694Mask and Fill a Repair32
TE21695Repair Minor Damage32
TE21696Finish Coats22
TE21697Panel Damage22
TE21698Exterior and Interior Motor Body Parts32
TE21699Prepare and Paint32
TE21701Body Parts and Trim22
TE21702Surface Preparation22
TE21703Masking, Primers and Fillers22
TE21704Bolted on Panels22
TE21705Filling and Sanding22
TE21706Use Spray Gun22
TE21709Remove and Replace Damaged Panels22
TE21710Fill Sand and Repair12
TE21711Colours and Finish Coats22
TE21712Spray Guns22
TE21713Use Power Tools and Equipment32

* Please note that not all electives modules will be offered within any given year.