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Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Honours) Modules


Programme Regulations

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute's Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

Note: no value in the pre/co-requisite columns means there are no pre/co-requisites for that module.

Group A - Core Compulsory Modules

Module CodeModule NameLevelCreditsPre-requisitesCo-requisites
SPPG001Advanced Research Methods  30  
SPPG012Dissertation  60  

Group B - Schedule of Specialist Option Modules
All modules listed below have an individual module credit value of 30 credits.

Module CodeModule NameLevelCreditsPre-requisitesCo-requisites
SPPG002Advanced Topics in Sport Psychology 830SPBS707 
SPPG003Advanced Topics in Biomechanics830SPBS706 
SPPG004Advanced Topics in Exercise Physiology 830SPBS703 
SPPG005Advanced Topics in Nutrition 830SPBS708 
SPPG006BAdvanced Sports Coaching830SPBS702B 
SPPG007Advanced Topics in Rehabilitation 830SPBS709 
SHPG009 ^Professional Practice860Relevant postgraduate speciality course 
SPPG010Advanced Vocational Elective830 
SPPG011 #Special Topic 830 
SPPG015Clinical Exercise Physiology830SPBS711 
SHPG016​Strength and Conditioning
^ Recommended to have completed a Postgraduate Specialist module.
# Candidates intending to enter the Master of Science (Sport and Exercise Science) programme upon completion of their Postgraduate Diploma in Exercise Science should include these modules in their programme of study.