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Diploma in Beauty, Body and Spa Therapies (Level 5) Modules


Incorporating the Certificate in Beauty Clinic Practices (Level 4)

Programme Regulations

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute's Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

Group A

Module CodeModule TitleLevelCreditsPre-RequisitesCo-RequisitesAssessment Standard
RS28101Professionalism for the Beauty, Body and Spa Industry415497 V6
6401 V3
6400 V3
6402 V5
RS28102Facial Analysis and Treatment415
RS28103Essential Anatomy and Physiology for Beauty Therapy415
RS28104Advanced Facial and Tanning Techniques415
RS28105Practical Treatment for the Hands and Feet415
RS28106Professional Hair Removal Techniques415
RS28107Professional Eye Enhancement Treatments415
RS28108Practical Face and Figure Analysis415

Group B

Module CodeModule TitleLevelCreditsPre-RequisitesCo-RequisitesAssessment Standard
RS28201Advanced Facial and Body Treatments515
RS28202Body Massage Techniques515
RS28203Anatomy and Physiology for the Spa Industries515
RS28204Electrolysis and Electrical treatments for the Spa Industry515
RS28205Beauty, Body and Spa Industry Development515
RS28206Special Techniques for Fashion Media515
RS28207Māori, Pasifika and Asian Cultural Treatments515
RS28208Professional Spa Practices515