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​​​​Graduate Diploma ​in ​Information Technology (Level 7) Modules


Programme Regulations

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute's Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

Group A Compulsory Modules

Module Code Module Name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
ITB6G20Systems Analysis and Design65  
ITB6G30Software Development65  

Group B Elective Modules

Module Code Module Name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
ITB6210 *Information Technology in the Business Environment *615  
ITB6220*Object Oriented Analysis & Design615  
ITB6225Intermediate Databases615  
ITB6227*Web programming for e-Commerce615  
ITB6230Data Structures and Algorithms615  
ITB6233Multimedia for the Web615  
ITB6235*Programming Operating Systems615  
ITB6244Data Communications615  
ITB7305Artificial Intelligence715ITB6230​ 
ITB7310 *

Introduction to Research Methods*

(Course not currently offered)

ITB7321Information Systems Management715Any level 6 module 

Decision Support Systems

(Course not currently offered)

ITB7325Advanced Databases715ITB6225 
ITB7326Database Administration715ITB6225 
ITB7330Professional Programming Practice715ITB6230 

Games Programming

(Course not currently offered)

ITB7334Advanced Multimedia715ITB6233 
ITB7345Advanced Networking Technology715ITB6244 
ITB7350Project Management715Any level 6 module​​
ITB7355Professional Certification: Project Management715Any level 6 module 
ITB7380Special Topic - Current Developments in IT715Any level 6 module 
ITB7337Games Programming for 2D and 3D715ITB6230 
ITB7338Mobile Applications Development715ITB6230 

* Enrolment in these modules is at the discretion of the Programme Committee.