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​Certificate in Social Services (Level 4)​ Modules


Incorporating the National Certificate in Social Services (Level 4)

Programme Regulations

Please Note: To ensure you receive the correct information for 2015 programme regulations, please download the above pdf document.

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute's Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

Group A

Module CodeModule TitleLevelCreditsPre-RequisitesCo-RequisitesAssessment Standards
SDSS401Personal and Professional Development 41019405 V1
SDSS300BTe Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi3519408 V1
SDSS402Introduction to Social Services4107915 V4
7916 V4
SDSS403Communication Skills 41019411 V1
7936 V4
SDSS404Cultural Responsiveness4519409 V1
SDSS405He Purapura42019412 V1
19410 V1
SDSS406Working in Groups457933 V4
SDSS407Social Service Agencies4519413 V1
19495 V1
7989 V4
SDSS408Law and the Social Services457945 V4
SDSS409Social and Political Issues457963 V4
SDSS301Social Service Research31013090 V3
SDSS410Responding to Violence and Abuse41018290 V1
18292 V1
19403 V1
SDSS411Starting Practice4519407 V1
19406 V1
SDSS412Case Study4107912 V4
​ 19497 V1
SDSS413Human Development45

Group B Sequence of modules for part time students - Part time students must complete modules in List A before those in List B below.

Module CodeModule TitleModule CodeModule Title
List A
List B
SDSS401Personal and Professional DevelopmentSDSS404Cultural Responsiveness
SDSS300BTe Tiriti,Treaty of WaitangiSDSS409Social and Political Issues
SDSS402Introduction to Social ServicesSDSS410Responding to Violence and Abuse
SDSS403Communication SkillsSDSS412Case Study
SDSS406Working in GroupsSDSS411Starting Practice
SDSS407Social Service AgenciesSDSS413Human Development
SDSS301Social Science Research  
SDSS408Law and the Social Services