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National Certificate in Mental Health and Addiction Support (Level 4)


  • Semester 1 starts 14 February 2017
  • Semester 2 starts 25 July 2017 (This is the last occurrence of this programme.)*
  • One year full-time, part-time study available
  • Fee Guideline: $3052​​​ per year (International students: Please click here for fee information)
  • Hamilton City Campus

*This programme is being replaced by the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Community and Social Services) Level 4 - Mental Health and Addiction Support Work Strand.

Get the skills and qualification for a career in mental health and addictions support. Flexible study options: Learn in class and on-the-job / work placement. Classes are just one day per week.

Whether you're looking to establish a career in mental health and addictions support or are currently working in this area, this programme provides you with a recognised qualification and the skills to effectively work with and support people who have had, or who currently experience episodes of mental distress.

Programme Content


  • Mental Health, Mental Illness and Addiction Issues
  • Supporting Recovery in Mental Health and Addictions
  • Cultural Awareness & Support Work Practice
  • Professional Practice in Mental Health and Addiction Support

Total credits: 110.

This programme will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to work with people in a manner that is consistent with cultural, spiritual, emotional, and gender orientations. You will study mental health policies and laws in New Zealand and the position of support workers within these frameworks. The programme will also teach you how to work in a way that respects and honours others, and how to integrate theory and practice in a supervised position within a mental health setting.

Career Opportunities

The National Certificate in Mental Health and Addition Support (Level 4) may lead to employment within the mental health and addiction support field, and community mental health and addiction agencies.

With this qualification you can apply to study the Bachelor of Social Work or Paetahi Tumu Kōrero Bachelor of Counselling

Industry Connections

The content of this programme is developed in consultation with the industry to ensure it meets current and future needs and requirements. As well as expert tutors, you will be surrounded by industry specialists from a range of areas including community support workers, residential support workers and peer workers.

Putting Theory into Practice

  • You'll put theory into practice with simulated exercises, group work and discussions. You will also participate in a Marae experience.
  • Your learning will be both in class and on-the-job / work placement. On-the-job training may be completed in your current employment (if appropriate). 
  • Classes are one day per week.

Training Grant

The National Mental Health Support Workers Training Grant is available for students studying this programme and can only be used for tuition fees (subject to certain conditions). For more information on this training grant please visit

Entry Criteria

You are required:

  • To have gained a minimum of either 12 credits at NCEA Level 1 or a C grade in School Certificate, in English, or other equivalent, and
  • To be currently employed either full- or part-time as a mental health support worker, or
  • To demonstrate a commitment to work in mental health support.

You'll also need to submit a written application.

  • In your application, please indicate whether you have been convicted of a criminal offence. Some types of criminal conviction may limit your ability to secure practicum placements, and thus to complete the programme requirements, or to gain employment in the mental health support field.
  • Candidates selected from their written application may be required to attend a meeting, which will include an individual interview.

Final selection will then be determined on the basis of candidates having:

  • The ability to obtain community placement opportunities within a mental health support agency, and
  • Actively developing skills and knowledge to support consumers in the mental health field, and
  • The academic abilities to complete the programme requirements, and
  • Commitment to the area of study, and/or
  • Having an equivalent qualification.

It will be an advantage if you're are already employed as a mental health support worker or can demonstrate experience as a volunteer in the mental health field. However, people interested in working in mental health support can be enrolled provided a suitable work experience placement in mental health support is available in a local service provider.

As there are work experience placements within this programme, a current driver’s license may provide access to a wider range of work experience placements in the region.

​It is strongly recommended you have a basic first aid certificate as many work placement agencies require first aid certificates. Therefore having a basic first aid certificate will help you gain a work placement

Download the full programme regulations:

Interested? Take the Next Steps​

​1. Check that you meet the entry requirements​. 
If you don't meet them, don't worry, there is still hope, get in contact with us to talk about it. 

​​There are pathways to help you get where you want to be. You could start with the Introduction to Study programme.

2. Understand the application process.

All applications require some supporting documents, however, you don't need to supply these immediately. You can begin an online application now and we'll get in touch with you at a later date to arrange the documentation.

A candidate’s identity must also be verified . You will be required to provide:

  • A primary identification document (original birth certificate,  ( NZ full birth certificate that is issued on or after 1 January 1998 and that carries a unique identification number. Note: if the birth certificate was issued before 1998 it can be verified by a Justice of the Peace. ) passport, citizenship certificate, NZ certificate of identification or a NZ firearms licence); AND
  • A second form of official identification that shows the claimed identity is used in the community (driver licence, HANZ 18+ card or IRD number); AND
  • One of the two forms of identification must be photographic, verified in person against the candidate.


Apply online or download and complete the application to enrol from

Supply the required documents in the online application checklist. All applications require some supporting documents, however, you don't need to supply these immediately. You can begin an online application now and we'll get in touch with you at a later date to arrange the documentation.

Complete the Centre for Health & Social Practice – Social Services, Mental Health Addiction Form

3. Apply. Get started online.


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