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New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) (Level 6) Modules


(with strands in the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Disciplines)

Programme Regulations

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute’s Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

To be awarded the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Electrical), a candidate must successfully complete the required 240 credits (including the Common Compulsory modules, Electrical Discipline Compulsory modules, modules for one Specialisation, and Elective modules) to meet the following requirements:

Module Code Module Name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Common Compulsory
DE4101Engineering Fundamentals415
DE4102Engineering Mathematics 1415
DE4103Technical Literacy415
DE6101Engineering Management615
DE6102Engineering Project (Electrical)615


Min. of 45 credits at Level 5

Electrical Discipline Compulsory
DE4401Electrical Principles 1415
DE5403Electrical and Electronic Principles 2515DE4401
One Specialisation to be selected from Power or Electronics
​Power Specialisation Compulsory
DE4402Electrical and Electronic Applications415DE4401DE5403
DE5401Power Engineering515DE4401DE5403
DE5402PLC Programming 1515
DE5404Electrical Machines515DE4401DE5403
DE6401Power systems 1615DE5401

Electrical Discipline Electives - students choose four electives (two of which much be at Level 6) from the options below, or from other specialisations. Students may choose electives from the Bachelor of Engineering Technology, subject to approval.

DE5417Instrumentation and Control Systems515DE4101
DE6407Power Electronics615DE5401
DE6411PLC Programming 2615DE5402
DE6414Advanced Instrumentation and Control Systems615DE5417


Electrical Discipline Electives (not currently offered)

DE5413Power Protection Systems 1515DE5401
DE5414Electronic Manufacturing 1515DE5403DE5407
DE5415Illumination Engineering 1515DE5403
DE5416Emerging Technologies and Systems515
DE5418Engineering Mathematics 2515DE4102
DE6406Power Protection Systems 2615DE5413
DE6408Electronic Manufacturing 2615DE5414
DE6409Electrical Building Services615DE5401
DE6410Generation and Sustainable Energy615DE5401
DE6412Computer Programming 2615DE5405
DE6413Industrial Automation Engineering615DE6411
DE6415Network Engineering 3615DE5408DE5410
DE6416Network Engineering 4615DE5410
DE6417Microcontrollers 2615DE5406
DE6418Illumination Engineering 2615DE5415
DE6419Maintenance Engineering Management615