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Co-operative Education Project and Industry Project

The Co-operative Education Project and Industry Project (Co-op) are work integrated learning programmes and are a major feature of the Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) and Graduate Diploma programmes. Co-op is a three way partnership between the student, the workplace and Wintec. The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to experience hands-on the complexities of a working environment.

Co-op consist of two parts – a work placement and a research project:

  • The work placement will allow students to become part of a functioning, operational team, and be exposed to the enjoyment and challenges inherent in a real world working environment.
  • In the research project students will apply their theoretical knowledge to a work place problem or issue. The research project is determined by the host organisation and is directly related to the major the student is studying

The work placement and the research project together allow students the time, place and support to integrate theoretical and practical learning. Students are supported by an Academic Supervisor at Wintec who will provide guidance during their Co-op experience and a supervisor from the host organisation who will assess the work placement.

What does the work and project involved?

The work placement aspect can be varied and involves learning the goings on in any organisation. The research project must be related to the students major. Examples include:

AccountingReview procedures for collecting client information for income tax returns and GST returns. MYOB vs Xero
Sales and MarketingUndertake market research for a new product as a member of a project team
Human ResourcesReview health and safety systems for your organisation and make recommendations

Operations and Production


Audit supply chain and logistics for a product and recommend


Strategic Management

Undertake a cost benefit analysis and suggest possible options

Event ManagementEvaluate the feedback of an event from the vendors, participants and sponsors and make recommendation for the future

It would be beneficial for the work placement to take place either prior or concurrently to the research project as it enables the student to gain an understanding of the business, the environment within which it operates, the company's strengths and the challenges that it faces. 

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How do I find out more about taking a Co-op student?
If you have an opportunity for a Co-op student please contact:

Catherine Gillum 
Telephone:  07 834 8800 ext 3405