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Amenity Horticulture

The care and maintenance of parks, gardens and open spaces

Study horticulture at the Wintec's onsite campus at the Hamilton Gardens to  become an amenity gardener, collection curator, grounds person or amenity contractor with skills and knowledge in plant identification and propagation, weed and pest control, pruning, drainage, soil science, tool and machinery use and maintenance and environmental considerations.​​


The art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees

Develop the skills for a career as an arborist, including climbing, rigging, identification, biology, health, appearance, pest and disease control, tree surgery, tree removal and transplanting.

Wintec is currently developing arboriculture programmes which will start in semester one, 2017.


The production, commerce and trade in flowers

Wintec’s Floristry course gives free rein to your creativity and backs it up with all the practical skills you need to enhance your career. Among other things you’ll learn how to design and prepare flower arrangements, look after flowers and indoor plants, bid for flowers at auctions and help clients choose flowers for functions and special occasions.

Landscape Design & Construction

Prepare yourself for a career in landscape design or landscape construction

Become a small scale garden designer or business owner, landscape leading hand or landscape construction laborer.  After completing the level 4 certificate you will have skills in design principles and representation techniques, hard and soft landscaping skills, plant selection and planting, drainage, irrigation, maintenance and working with clients, subcontractors and other team members. ​​​​