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Student to Student Support Services

Mā te tuakana ka tōtika te teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuakana.
From the older sibling, the younger one learns the right way to do things,
From the younger sibling, the older sibling learns how to be tolerant.

Wintec Student to Student Support Services is a mentoring opportunity available to those who may benefit from extra support and assistance from another student within your programme of study. Our tuākana and peer tutors have been recommended by our centres as showing all the key attributes required for these roles.

What is in it for you? 

  • Out of class support 
  • Focused support 
  • Tutoring from a current student who knows your programme
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Tuākana-Tēina is an inclusive model of ‘Student to Student’ support based around the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and information through connected relationships, respect, and care for learners. 

Tuākana are experienced Wintec learners who facilitate regular study groups within their programme of study. They understand the struggles and rewards of tertiary life for students navigating their first year of study and are committed to helping make the study journey as smooth as possible. Tēina are our learners seeking support.

In a study group, tuākana can support with:
  • Course advice 
  • Moodle help
  • Study tips and tricks
  • Pastoral support (alongside our Kaiāwhina)
  • Links to other support services
  • Fostering a safe place and space to ask questions and meet other people

If you are interested in connecting with a tuākana for your study needs, please email

Peer tutors

Peer tutors are experienced and knowledgeable learners who are selected for their ability to provide effective tutoring on specific skills and topics and link you to other support services.

Peer tutors are available to provide the following types of support:
  • 1:1 
  • Small groups 
  • Embedded in class 
You can schedule an appointment with a peer tutor by emailing

Meet our staff

“Ka whāngaia, ka tupu, ka puāwai”
That which is nurtured, will blossom, and grow. 
If we take the time to nurture and support our students,
then they will succeed and flourish.

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Kerri Huaki

Student Support Coordinator

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Barbara Cave

Student Support Coordinator

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Grace Kim

Student Support Administrator

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Contact us

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm and you can find us in the Gallagher Hub at the Hamilton City Campus opposite the Student Learning Services reception.