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Calling all entrepreneurial students! 

Are you a student with an existing business you want to grow or do you have a business idea you want to develop? We have partnered with SODA Inc. to bring you Launchpad. Launchpad is your opportunity to explore your business ideas or grow your existing business through a customised 12 week programme.  

As a current Wintec student, you have a chance to apply for a spot in the programme. We currently have five positions to fill for these SODA Inc Lift programmes valued at $20,000 each*. These programmes will be running for a minimum of 12 weeks and will be done part-time and in addition to current study or work. 

Launchpad empowers you through experiential learning.  Programmes are customised so once you’ve been accepted, you will be able to explore globally what experts are the right fit to work with depending on your needs and your opportunity. We know the importance of having someone guide you through your business journey so the way this works is that a Business Growth Advisor is appointed to you for the duration of the incubation programme with other experts bought in as required. 

In a world filled with innovation, why not make your mark and redefine what’s possible? 

Pitch us your opportunity today by filling in the form below.

*not redeemable for cash


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