General Information

Residents are welcome to bring their own Computers, small TV’s etc. Please note that residents are not allowed to access the internet by using the Wintec Accommodation Services phone lines.

  1. Residents are to provide their own bedding and towels.

  2. Residents are not allowed pets: animals, birds, etc at Wintec Accommodation.

  3. White ware appliances e.g. clothes dryers, refrigerators etc are not permitted in the units and rooms, unless there are special circumstances which have been approved by the SRTB in writing

  4. Wintec Apartments and Wintec Student village are both No Smoking, including on Wintec Campus.


Wintec Apartments: Self Catered

Student Village: Catered.

Meals are at the Waikato Commerce Club Restaurant as follows (regardless of public holidays):

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Monday to Friday

Brunch & Dinner - Saturday and Sunday

Take away lunches are available at breakfast time for those students studying at Rotokauri Campus and Hamilton Gardens.

If residents have any special dietary needs they are asked to inform the Village staff on their application form.

Motor Vehicles & Bicycles

Wintec Apartments: 13 parks available at a cost of $600 per year, by arrangement only.

Student Village: There are 20 off-street parks in the Village driveway. These are available at $600 per year. Apply at the Student Village office or with your application.

Residents are advised not to leave belongings or valuables visible inside vehicles. Due to the Village's central city location appropriate car alarms and/or locks are recommended.

Bicycles and motorcycles can be secured in the locked shed next to the car park.


A manager is available during the day to assist residents, as well as Residential Assistants available on call outside of office hours. Also, Security is available to assist 24 hours 7 days a week.

Student Village: Commercial cleaners are contracted to clean the shower, toilet and hall areas in each unit daily. They also maintain the general cleanliness of the community area - kitchen, laundry, TV lounge and games room. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and cooking utensils.

Wintec Apartments: Residents are responsible for cleaning all areas of the apartments.

Insurance & Security

Wintec Accommodation Services does not accept responsibility for residents’ belongings nor does it insure them. Residents are urged to make their own insurance arrangements and to keep their rooms, and vehicles, locked whenever they are unattended.

The Student Village is situated in the Hamilton Central Business District and thefts of and from vehicles do occur from time to time. Insurance, car alarms etc and not leaving valuables in parked vehicles are all highly recommended.

Alcohol, Illegal Drugs & Firearms


The possession and consumption of alcohol on Village property by residents that are over the age of 18 is allowed between the hours of 5pm and 10pm. The policies and procedures for alcohol consumption are explained in the Conditions of Residence sent to successful applicants.

Illegal Drugs

All illegal drugs e.g. cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamine or any drugs not prescribed by your Doctor etc are prohibited on the premises of all Wintec Accommodation Services sites. Infringement of this policy will result in the police being called and the guilty person/s being given 24 hours’ notice of eviction.


Firearms and weapons including crossbows, archery equipment and/or replicas, are not permitted at Wintec Accommodation Services with no exceptions to this rule.