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Enrolling at Wintec for the first time is easy. Just follow the five steps below:

If you need help, contact us!

Contact the Student Enrolment and Information Centre.

Step 1: Enquiry

Once you know what you want to study, call us on 0800 2 Wintec (0800 2 946 832) and we'll send you an enrolment pack.

You can also click here to download the enrolment pack from this website.

You should also find out whether you can get a student loan or student allowance.

Visit www.studylink.govt.nz to see if you are eligible.

Step 2: Application

Complete the Application to Enrol form inside the Student Enrolment Pack along with any attachments requested on the form.

On the back of the Application to Enrol form there's a checklist.

Once you have done everything on this checklist, bring the form into a Student Enrolment and Information Centre at Wintec or post to us at, free:

Student Enrolment and Information Centre, Wintec, Freepost 566, Hamilton

If you are asked to supply various documents to support your application, do NOT send the originals. Instead, you need to supply a verified copy.

A verified copy is a photocopy of the original document. It has to be signed by a solicitor, Justice of the Peace or an authorised Wintec person to prove it's a true copy of the original. Without a signature, we can't accept it.

You can find a list of your local Justices of the Peace by visiting www.yellow.co.nz. Enter 'Justice of the Peace' in the 'WHAT' search box and your city/region in the 'WHERE' box.

Step 3: Assessment

Once we've received your application, you may need to come in for an interview. We'll call you to arrange a time and date.

If your application is successful we'll then send you a formal Enrolment Offer - this means you're in!

Step 4: Acceptance

Sign the Enrolment Offer and post it back to us. That way, we know you're coming and can make sure everything's ready for you.

Step 5: Fees

You need to pay your fees on time. If you have applied for a student loan to pay for your fees, make sure all the forms have been completed and that you have got approval.