Student Levies

Changes to Student Levies

In 2012 the Government made changes to the student levies rules to ensure accountability around how these are used and what they are used for. The levies can be used to provide students with advocacy and legal advice, careers information, advice and guidance, counselling services, pastoral care, employment information, financial support and advice, health service, media, childcare services, administrative support and facilities for clubs and societies, sports, recreation and cultural activities.


Each year Wintec undertakes student surveys, it receives student feedback and researches best practices to ensure we provide the most appropriate support for students . We aim to provide support that will make the most difference to student success and experiences at Wintec.

Student Levies

Wintec provides a range of support and services to you during your study. Wintec student levies are specifically allocated to provide health services and on-going personal support to help you during your study. A student services levy may be applied to your study fees. Please refer to your Indicator of Fees, in your enrolment information for more details on the this. 

If you would like more information please email the enrolment centre or phone 0800 2 Wintec (0800 2 946 832).