Rotokauri Hub

Rotokauri Hub Redevelopment

The vision

The Rotokauri Hub will be redeveloped to create a vibrant and engaging space that provides flexible and personalised opportunities for students to learn, connect and be supported on campus, both now and in the future. 

The plan for the Rotokauri Hub includes reconfiguring the services and layout of the hub, enhancing the entrance options to improve orientation and access, and developing the external spaces around the hub to create cohesion with the rest of the campus.


​We want to create a campus that is easy to navigate through with better synergies between buildings, and by having spaces that students, staff and visitors want to use and interact in.

The aims of the development are to:

  • Enhance the principal informal learning environment on the campus
  • ​Develop a student-centric, engagement-based model for support services
  • Help strengthen the relationship between the new learning model "The Learning Dimensions" and the framework for student support on the campus
  • Create a vibrant space that engages and supports all Wintec students and staff.

​This project is part of the wider Rotokauri campus development plan to rejuvenate the campus and make it more user-friendly.  This will include a new sports field, more attractive landscaping and more learning and social spaces. 

Planning and design

​As part of the design process, we ran a series of workshops with students and staff around furniture, fittings and equipment. 

As many of the objectives of the project will be achieved through the fit-out of the space itself, the user group's purpose was to explore the activities happening within the hub and the fit-out components that will enable, encourage and optimise these activities.​

Click below to see an overview of the user group sessions, and the identified outcomes that will be used to inform the final concept design of the hub.​