Being On Campus

Gallagher Hub

The $13 million Gallagher Hub in G Block is the heart of the City Campus, houses 120 computers (PCs and Macs) and is available to all Wintec students.

The Gallagher Hub is open to all students 24-hours a day, on any day that Wintec is open, by swiping a current student ID card.

As well as the computer facilities the Hub includes:


  • A well-stocked library including seven group study rooms, reading room and the latest self-check technology
  • Two stunning purpose-built, multi-use events centres, complete with acoustic roof
  • A  cafe, food kiosk and place to hang out
  • Specific student support services, such as Te Kete KōnaeStudent Learning Services, Student Job Search, and the Globe (international student lounge)
  • A parenting room
  • A prayer room
  • The Students' Association (SAWIT)
  • The Gallagher Hub is also a wireless hotspot.

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Services (City Campus)

If you're interested in getting a low-cost haircut, hair colour or treatment, or beauty treatment, check out Urban Spa 

Windows Restaurant (Rotokauri)

Did you know that Wintec has a purpose-built student training restaurant out at Rotokauri Campus? Want to dine there or find out more? Visit Windows On Avalon.