Lennie Cody

Business Development Consultant for the Creative Industries, Business & Finance sector, Service Industry, ICT sector

With experience in the B2B sector, including graphic design, print and radio, Lennie is all about business development. For her, it’s not about hitting sales targets - it’s about working together to come up with the solution that best suits the client. “Training is not something businesses take lightly - it’s a spend that is calculated and they want to know that they’re getting the best possible return on their investment.”

With her desire to help people, Lennie is the “go-to” person of any group. “It’s a very rewarding experience when somebody goes out of their way to let you know what a difference you’ve made to their lives.”

Marty Lowry

Business Development Consultant for the Health & Wellbeing, Sports and Education sectors

Marty spent 15 years working in the medical sales industry, standing him in good stead as Business Development Consultant for the Health & Wellbeing.

From local GPs to multi-national pharmaceutical companies, Marty has spent his working life building connections and engaging industry professionals.

On top of that he volunteers as a coach for kid’s sports, making him the perfect choice as Business Development Consultant for the Health & Wellbeing, Sports and Education sectors.

Email: Marty.lowry@wintec.ac.nz
Mobile: 021 525 694

Michelle Pearse

Business Development Consultant for Primary, Science, Manufacturing, Construction and Engineering sectors

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in a wide range of industries, Michelle has forged a unique insight into business development.

“It’s all about the process of understanding the customer, what their unique value points are, and helping them to develop those points to help them succeed.” Michelle believes that the most valuable resource a business has is its team members, and that each member’s unique strengths and areas of development are an important part of the company’s sustainability and vision for growth.   

In her role as a training consultant, Michelle works closely with the businesses she supports. This relationship allows her to complete an in-depth training needs analysis, and support the company through a targeted approach towards business development.

Email: Michelle.Pearse@wintec.ac.nz
Mobile: 027 437 6834

Chris Stuart

VET Technical Analysis and Design Manager

Chris has the kind of CV that the rest of us aspire to.

Starting off as an electrician, he began creating training programmes for engineers and plant operators. This in turn led to him helping to set up the first Industry Training Organisation and the dairy industry’s first-ever unit standard.

At Wintec for over 10 years now, Chris was no stranger to business mentoring, having managed a private training establishment for 8000 industry employees. Over the last decade his work has recognised all over the world by some of the industry’s biggest names, including Chevron and the Saudi Electrical Company.

Email: Chris.Stuart@wintec.ac.nz

Mobile: 027 222 5350

Kim Linklater

For 25 years, Kim has been the contact between Wintec and the outer regions of the Waikato. Over that time, she has excelled in establishing and maintaining relationships essential to the development of both the Institute and local business.

In her role as a Wintec Consultant in the regions, Kim works with industry representatives, local employers and the general public, using her experience in local government, district councils, and community schools to recognise local concerns and deal in practical solutions.

By consulting with local business to identify gaps for training and employer needs, Kim can see the potential of the Professional Programmes to change the local community.

Email: Kim.Linklater@wintec.ac.nz

Mobile: 027 270 4080