LADE414 – Landscape Construction Practice

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Landscape Construction Practice
The aim of this module is to further develop student's knowledge, and skill when working with landscape materials to build landscape elements, and gain competence in instructing and supervising workers on site.
  • SX1703
NZQA Level
Level 4
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Based
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate competence in the processes for the safe building of quality elements in landscape work from plans and specifications.
Provide instruction and supervise the use of a range of construction tools, for the construction of landscape elements on site.
-Advanced construction skills, complex features incorporating a combination of materials range: may include, but not limited to; timber, stone, concrete, bricks, concrete units..
-Landscape elements range; decks and handrails, steps, fence, gate, pergola, retaining walls (non-engineered), outdoor furniture.
-Safe use of chainsaw in landscape workplace only
-Following plans and specifications for building processes.
-Finishing details and treatments; paint, stain, oiling.
-Working with a range of surface materials; coloured concrete, decorative pebble, stone slab, paving.
-Waterfeatures, small non-complex design and construction, construction either liner, or concrete, including piping, plumbing and pumping.
-Incorporating materials together.
-Design requirements for pedestrian and vehicular landscape situations.
-Instruction and supervision techniques.
-Professional practice attributes: sustainable practices; professional and ethical behaviour; teamwork; accurate record-keeping.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Teaching and learning methods will be face to face delivery including workshops, project based interactive tasks, with group sessions, tutorials, and creation of portfolios of evidence.
Assessment Criteria
Assessment is achievement based. Students need to submit all components within the portfolio and gain a minimum of 50 in each component including carrying out all tasks in a safe manner and to industry standards to pass this module.