ITPD801 – Informatics and Society

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Informatics and Society
To assess the impact of Informatics on society and to analyse the transformation from legal, social and ethical perspectives. Within the context of Aotearoa/New Zealand this module develops an understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and bicultural perspectives on the social impact of Informatics.
  • IT1101
NZQA Level
Level 8
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  • Web-Enhanced
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Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Analyse the various dimensions of the historical, commercial, financial and
legal issues that surround the transforming effects of Informatics
2. Critically evaluate from a bi-cultural perspective the social impact of Informatics both within and external to the business environment
3. Critically evaluate key aspects relating to ethical decision making in an Informatics environment

Locating and critiquing relevant research literature, synthesising, writing and referencing

Historical, commercial, financial and legal issues

Ethical behaviour and professionalism
- The nature of ethical behaviour in terms of ethical theory
- Cultural and bi-cultural perspectives on ethics

The historical development of Informatics
- Culture and gender issues in terms of their relationship to the historical development of Informatics

Potential social impacts of new technologies
- The impact of new technologies on various sectors of society in relation to the transforming effect on each sector
- Specific new technologies in terms of their potential to transform society at all levels

Sociological and cultural perspectives
- The sociological interrelationship between society/culture and Informatics
- The social impact of Informatics in Aotearoa/New Zealand
- Bicultural perspectives on the social impact of Informatics in Aotearoa/New Zealand
- The place and influence of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in the business environment of of Aotearoa/New Zealand
Learning and Teaching Resource
Teaching and learning methods will include theory lessons, question and answer, peer teaching / peer tutoring, discussion groups, self instruction methods and independent study
Teaching and Learning Strategy
An extended reading list will be supplied by the lecturer at commencement of the module. This will be updated annually.