IMCT404 – Process Control Practice 2

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Process Control Practice 2
To enable the student to develop suitable documentation and drawings, along with bills of materials, for the installation of a typical instrumentation application; and to install and test it in accordance with industry requirements. The student shall also be able to configure a VSD to motor specifications.
  • TE1601
NZQA Level
Level 4
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  • Web-Supported
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Total learning hours
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Learning Outcomes
1:Develop drawings and documentation for an industrial installation to accepted standards
2:Carry out an industrial instrumentation installation - instruments, general wiring, hazardous area equipment, earthing, impulse tubing and fittings - to accepted standards
3:Inspect and test the completed industrial instrumentation installation
4:Configure and test a VSD to match motor requirements
-Instrumentation drawing systems and standards
-Documentation for instrumentation installations including drawings, bills of materials, HAZOPs, risk assessment
-Installation and testing of an industrial instrumentation installation
-Configuration and testing of a VSD
-loop, P&ID, and hazardous area zoning
-installation, wiring, tubing and fittings as found in a typical process industry
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Students will work in small teams to develop appropriate documentation and drawings for a simulated industrial installation, carry out the installation to accepted industry standards, and test the installation for electrical compliance and functionality. Guidance will be provided initially and as the installation progresses. Students will also separately configure and test a VSD.
Students will be required to research some aspects of this practical by way of reference to standards, certifications and manufacturers' instructions, which may be via library/database and/or internet searches.
Assessment Criteria
Task 1Installation documentation and drawings 30
Task 2Installation practical, testing and test records60
Task 3VSD practical 10