CNST503 – Site Analysis for Construction

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Site Analysis for Construction
To enable the student to develop the skills and knowledge to assist in the preparation and implementation of site safety, quality assurance plans, site surveys and analysis for a construction site.
  • EN1601
NZQA Level
Level 5
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
To develop and implement site safety plan for a construction
To develop and implement a quality assurance plan for a construction
May include, but not limited to, an appropriate selection from the following topics:
Site safety plan development: background information - clients, contractors, trade activities, management, employees/employers, consultants, suppliers of hired equipment. Identification and selection of resources including relevant codes of practice, standards, legislation, checklists.
Site safety plan implementation: implementation strategy - critical actions and steps, health and safety standards, operating procedures
Quality assurance plan development: overview of quality assurance standards. Identification of process and requirements - pre contract, post contract, continuous improvement, planning cycle.
Quality assurance plan implementation: Plan development using a range of components, including provision for special requirements, contingencies and improvements. Plan is documented and communicated in accordance with enterprise/client requirements and procedures.
Site survey preparation and set out: Overview of types - boundary, construction control, progressive. Survey instruments - dumpy level, theodolite, and laser. Measurements - survey marks, linear and angular, 90 degree angles, ground levels, changing station, setting levels, controlling verticality. Recording and accuracy. Overview of calculations and drawings - reduced levels, contour plans, volumes. Contour plan - grid pattern, spot levels, grid heights, plotting, and gradients.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Learning activities for topics may typically include practical/workshop, case studies lectures, tutorials, field trips, group work, visiting specialists, computer simulations, web technologies, projects and self-directed learning.
Assessment Criteria
A portfolio is a compilation of evidence presented by the student in ways that demonstrate their acquired knowledge, competencies and capabilities.
The contents of students' portfolios may typically include evidence of achievement from assignments, projects, tests, exams, formative assessments, and peer assessments, self and group assessments.
Portfolio of evidence100
Learning and Teaching Resource
May require access to Land Survey equipment
Access to land survey data online