BMABT201 – Generative Practice

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Generative Practice
This module expands on students existing knowledge of drawing and experimentation into the concept of generative practice. Students examine various methods of production and modes of enquiry that they may adopt for future practice in contemporary Art. Students examine the contexts in which such practices arise. Students test a selection of generative practices, then undertake a more sustained enquiry to produce a resolved body of work.
  • BM7000
  • BM9601
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Level 6
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  • Web-Supported
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Learning Outcomes
2.1Understand a process which advances the structured and reflective refinement of a visual situation
identify the parameters set in the course brief
demonstrate the structured resolution of a process through the generation, regeneration, manipulation and refinement of ideas
gather a visual resource to develop and refine formal and conceptual propositions.
discuss with peers and tutors the individual working process adopted
show evidence of independent and interdependent processes for working

2.2Develop knowledge of a range of methods of production
develop procedure and skill in using a range of media
reflect critically on the procedure and skill tested

2.3Control a variety of spatial concepts and conventions in contemporary Art
test 3D compositional space and variables
test the nature of 2D compositional space and variables
test the nature of installation-based sculpture and the relationship between site and object/structure
test spatial concepts in the development of a series of works
conduct conventional presentations of outcomes.

2.4Identify relevant aspects of some discourses and practices in contemporary Art
Produce written and oral analyses of selected issues relevant to generative practice in art
Reflect critically upon relationships between representative texts, examples of work and self-practice
Produce oral and written interpretations of and comparisons between selected works.

2.5Comprehend the process of graded assessment
employ a vocabulary for describing work
demonstrate the ability to write objectives
actively participate in group and class critiques
participate in on-going formative assessment
consider, discuss and document self and peer performances for graded assessment

3.1Composition - a selection which may include

3.2Methods of Production
Various media
Selected skills

3.3Modes of Enquiry
Questioning and responding to media situations.

3.4Context - a selection may include
Case studies
Artist model analysis
Oral/visual presentations.