ARBO404 – Tree Support Systems

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Tree Support Systems
The aim of this module is to develop student’s knowledge of tree support systems in arboriculture.
  • SX1803
NZQA Level
Level 4
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  • Web-Supported
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Self directed hours
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Teaching and Learning Strategy
As per Ako: Teaching and Learning Directions – Project-based learning; Flipped Classroom; Blended Learning; Work-integrated Learning; Inclusive Practices
Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge or installation equipment, cable, hardware, and support materials in an arboriculture situation.
2. Describe the process of installing a cable support system in arboriculture.
3. Describe the use and placement or rod bracing systems in arboriculture.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of inspection and maintenance cycles.
• Hardware and support materials; threaded rod, cable pullers, wire rope grips, swages, drill bits, thimbles, washers, ground anchor, tree props
• Cable types; 6 x 19 IWRC wire rope, Cobra,, Tree Save
• Cable Anchors; Lag hooks, (J-Screws), eye nuts, eye bolts, anti-friction hose (Cobra), webbing sling (Tree Save)
• Tree types as good candidates for accepting support; tree species, growth rate, age, condition, importance, type, area of weakness, amount and location of sound wood
• Branch suitability; size, attachment points, angle of cable
• Pre-installation pruning; branch end reduction, thinning
• Cable placement determination; distances, number of cables, proximity
• Support system effects; loading of trunks and stems, formation of reaction wood, reduction of natural movement, tightness of cable.
• Rod bracing systems; through bracing, dead-end bracing, distance below/above the crotch, distance between rods, multi stemmed trees
• Inspection and maintenance cycles; synthetic, non-synthetic, dynamic, rigid, growth rates, location of system.
Assessment Criteria
Assessment in this module is mixed mode. Students must gain a minimum mark of 50% in the achievement-based assessments and meet all the requirements of the competency-based assessments including carrying out all tasks in a safe manner and to industry standard to be eligible for a final grade for this module. The final grade will be based on the marks from the achievement-based assessment tasks. Where there is no achievement based assessment involved, a competency pass will be given if competencies area satisfied
Learning and Teaching Resource
? Tutorial notes, exercises and readings, flexible, blended learning focus to content and material, projects for project based learning.
? Interactive Moodle platform