How to Wintec

How to Wintec

The How to Wintec series was created to answer the most burning questions we get from our international audience. We understand that once you’re here it’s a long way from home and we want you to be sure about your decision.  What can I study? How do I enrol? How do I connect with people? How much does it cost? Where do I live? How do I get a job? And what’s it like to live in Hamilton? Follow the series and find out more. Plus we’ll give you a snapshot of life at Wintec here in New Zealand.

Tune in to Wintec’s Facebook page every Thursday from 2 May until 13 June for a new episode of How to Wintec. 

You can find a lot of information on the international section of this website, plus we’ve added some helpful links below to help you make your decision.

Episode #1 What you can study at Wintec

There are so many options to study here at Wintec. Take a campus tour with us. Where do you want your study to take you? Think about the career at the end of the study journey. We’re here to teach you the skills you need to succeed.

Helpful links:

International prospectus

Student fees at Wintec

International webpages

Episode #2 How to apply to study at Wintec

What is the application process? Check out your entry requirements and apply early because you don’t want to miss out! We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for international students with two options. You can apply through an agent or directly with Wintec. 

Helpful links:

How to apply

Entry requirements for English language and academic levels


Student fees and refunds

Episode #3 Where to live while studying at Wintec

We love camping in New Zealand but that doesn’t mean you have to live in a tent! There are three main options – live on campus, live with other students or stay in a homestay. The choice is yours unless you are under 18 then you must live on campus. Wintec has a dedicated accommodation team to support you in finding a home.

Helpful links:

Accommodation information for international students studying at Wintec

Houses, apartments and flats for rent in Hamilton

Flatmates wanted in Hamilton, these are the main websites but you can also try Facebook groups:

Episode #4 How much does it cost to live in Hamilton New Zealand?

Let’s find out! It costs less to live in Hamilton than other major cities. We estimate around $300 a week for living costs – but it all depends what living options you choose. To save money remember to do your research and shop smart. Note: Costs are an estimation only at the time we made this video. Check out the links below to compare current costs in New Zealand.

Helpful links:

Compare prices for fuel

Wintec students get 30% off bus fares in Hamilton and the Waikato with BUSIT 

Compare taxi fares in Hamilton 

Travel with Uber 

Cycling in Hamilton 

Compare the cost of living in Hamilton

Episode #5 How to connect with people while studying at Wintec

New Zealand has a friendly culture and at Wintec you’ll connect with people from all over the world. Meet Kay our student events expert. Kay talks about events, activities and festivals for students and how we connect students so they can meet others and enjoy our Kiwi culture.

Helpful links:

International student support at Wintec 

International student events and activities

Clubs and organisations in Hamilton New Zealand

Episode #6 How to get job while you’re studying at Wintec

Making money is necessary but getting experience is essential for your future career. At Wintec we help students with regular CV writing workshops to give you a headstart to getting a job. Part -time work, internships and work experience are all good things to have on your CV for future employers.

Helpful links

Student Job Search 

Trademe jobs 


Essential information for Wintec students on working in New Zealand – tax, minimum wage and part time work.

Work rules for students – staying here to work after study, working on a student visa, jobs you can’t do.

Episode #7 What can you do in Hamilton?

We meet Jason Dawson, Chief Executive of Hamilton and Waikato Tourism who knows a thing or two about what you can do in Hamilton. We have great cafes and restaurants, award winning public gardens and beautiful parks, lakes, the mighty Waikato River and events big and small. There’s a lot to do in Hamilton and plenty of free entertainment too.

Helpful links

Hamilton and Waikato Tourism 

Visit Hamilton – the official website for things to do and see in Hamilton 

Events in Hamilton 

Hamilton Gardens

Museums and galleries

Hamilton walkways and cycleways 

Boon Street Art Festival

Major sporting events

Sports clubs and organisations in Hamilton  

Shopping and dining in Hamilton 

Top places to eat out in Hamilton 

Explore the Waikato River 

If you have a burning question we haven’t covered here. you can email, call us on +64 7 838 6399 or ask a question via