The Gallagher hub at night

HubLove - Wintec City Hub upgrade

Why we're doing this – more computers, better configuration, flexible working spaces

The current Gallagher Hub at Wintec's City Campus has 80 fixed computers on four long fixed tables. From September 2019 there will be 92 devices available to students. A mix of fixed and loan laptops will enable more flexibility and computer tables will be mobile. Students will have a greater choice of study spaces available.

Stage 1 - August

  • There will be 24 fixed computers and 36 bookable laptops = 60 devices in total
  • 13 new smaller tables, which can be easily moved and reconfigured for more flexible learning/study and social needs will replace the four long fixed computer tables.
  • A new height adjustable table will enable disability access

Stage 2 -  September

  • There will be an extra 32 computers on the mezzanine floor of the library.
  • Students will have two different spaces available to them.
  • The mezzanine floor will allow students to use technology for study in a quiet space.

As we progress with this work we will update this page and share updates for students and staff via Facebook, Moodle, posters and fliers and through our internal communications channels.

If you have any questions or comments, please email