Blair Hoad

Product Manager

His job is to help the coaches, mentors and teachers of our students to navigate the realms of programme development and implementation (read bureaucracy). A secondary role is to deliver sufficient levels of business jargon during very important meetings to ensure a high quality of coffee consumption. 

Blair says that fortunately for all students involved, he will not be leading any classes but will be visible as part of the wider team, ensuring The Design Factory NZ is a success and delivering what we promised at the beginning. Beyond that, Blair will be available at any time to spread the wise counsel of Generation X and explanations of foreign concepts such as life before Facebook.

There is no doubt that the Design Factory NZ presents a unique and exciting opportunity for Wintec to pilot and lead a multi-disciplinary approach to education. Having witnessed this approach in action via partner institutions, it is clear to Blair that the Design Factory NZ will deliver a result for our students that is not presently available within the Waikato. “Simply put”, he says, “I would be ecstatic if my two children choose this form of education pathway in the future”.

A paper based CV might state that he was trained at Otago University with First Class Honours in Commerce, Debt Creation and Couch Burning, followed by stints at some of New Zealand’s best and finest including The Gallagher Group, The Laminex Group and LIC. Truth is, he is more excited about participating in the Design Factory NZ than any other thing that he has been part of in the past.

Blair Hoad