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"Whatever started for me, started from Wintec … Wintec is doing an amazing job" -  Robbie Sidhu

Robbie Sidhu (Graduate Diploma in Business)

Today, Robbie is a successful real-estate agent for Harcourts. He’s one of Hamilton’s top ten real-estate agents and has built a career to be proud of. “I love what I do. I enjoy property, and I love real-estate. The best part of my career is doing what I actually wanted to do. It’s long hours, a stressful job, but very rewarding.”


How did Robbie Sidhu come to be living the life of a successful real-estate agent in Hamilton? It’s a bit of a fluke really. Or at least that’s how Robbie describes it …

In 2004 Robbie met with an international agent in India to look at options for overseas study. Robbie thought he was being sent to Auckland, but at the last moment things changed and he was sent to Hamilton to study at Wintec.

So how did Robbie cope arriving in a new country? “I was a bit lost” he said. “Everything was quite new for me, but the staff were really welcoming and everything was really good at Wintec, and I quickly made friends.”

Robbie had always wanted to study business, and his advice to others considering a career in business is this: “If you’re thinking about studying business be clear about your goals. Business is an awesome career and opens a lot of doors.”

Robbie describes Wintec as the place that got him started. “It was a stepping stone for me. It is one of the milestones that I will never forget. It introduced me to many cultures, built my confidence and taught me new skills. I give a lot of credit to Wintec, if I hadn’t come to Wintec, I wouldn’t be doing the things I am today.” Since completing his Graduate Diploma in Business, Robbie has gone on to complete post-graduate study at the University of Waikato.

Before he ran off to a meeting, Robbie gave us some final words “Whatever started for me, started from Wintec … Wintec is doing an amazing job.” We couldn’t have asked for a better recommendation really. Great to talk to you Robbie, and best of luck with the rest of your career.