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​Letitia Buckle, Quintessential Concierge

by Sacha Harwood

Letitia Buckle

Gopher jobs are common these days - usually junior start-up positions in big organisations where you're expected to "go for this" or "go fetch that".

Few of us, however, would think of making a career of a gopher job.

But that is just what Letitia Buckle has done.

She is carving a career out of doing all those things busy people are too hassled to do for themselves.

Owner and director of Quintessential Concierge, Letitia says if you want something then you have to just go for it.

"I love people, I love meeting different people and at the end of the day finding a solution and providing that solution and making that client happy.

"Just seeing that smile on their face that you've helped them in a way."

A Wintec graduate with a certificate in office tourism and hospitality, Leticia has had a wide range of experience in both New Zealand and Europe with roles ranging from people management to 2IC.

After many years in the work force Letitia decided she wanted to control her own future and began Quintessential Concierge, combining her best skills and ideas.

Leticia decided to start the business after many years' experience because it let her step out from her 'role'.

"Using my skills, I wasn't just doing what my job description said."

The main role of the company is to take care of those things that just never seem to get done, from organising a birthday party or grabbing the dry cleaning or even just posting the mail, Letitia knows how difficult it is to get the little things done.

With the many people skills she has gathered from working as a receptionist and administrator as well as a claims manager for ACC, Letitia was well equipped with the skills and her love of putting a smile on people's faces when they know the job has been taken care of.

Seeing there was a need or a business like Quintessential Concierge Letitia took on the challenge filling that gap not long after her twins were born.

Although there are challenges with running a business with a young family she finds the freedom and flexibly of being her boss worth it.

With every business comes challenges and getting the word out there is difficult, breaking into new territory with what a Concierge actually is as well as making sure the family and her clients have their needs met.

"We're here to help you and we want to get the word out there about the business."

Letitia manages to balance family life and a business, maintaining a broad cliental spectrum in the Waikato from Te Awamutu, Cambridge and Hamilton.

Even though Letitia was unsure of what she wanted to do growing up, she decided to study at Wintec and says it was a great stepping stone to get her in the right direction.

"If you've got an idea and you're really passionate about it, I think do your planning but do it, if you're confident about something then go and do it.

"Do what you can do when you can" 


Images by Tracey Smith