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Campus Developments

Wintec is constantly enhancing the atmosphere and environment of our campuses by redeveloping campus structures and spaces. These developments produce functional spaces that deliver optimal learning experiences for students, productive working environments for staff and lively social areas for everyone.

In 2003 we embarked on our campus modernisation programme to provide our students and staff with modern facilities and the best possible environment to learn the skills necessary to succeed in their industries.

Since then, more than $60m has been spent upgrading our facilities and technology including the building of the Gallagher Hub in the city campus, the Rotokauri Hub, the refurbishment of Wintec House, the upgrade of Windows training restaurant, the building of our marae Te Kōpū Mānia o Kirikiriroa,and most recently the construction of our engineering and trades facility at our Rotokauri campus to name a few.

We are constantly researching to build a campus that will last well into the future. Many concepts used in creating and establishing the new spaces on our campuses have been successfully proven worldwide to enhance learning outcomes and assist in establishing better relationships between students and their learning spaces; making our campus more like a second home where students and staff enjoy spending time learning, working and socialising.

We realise that students and staff need to be comfortable in their working environments in order to produce positive outcomes. The team strives to create spaces which are flexible, modern, vibrant and lively.

We have modern facilities that meet the needs of our students and the community today and into the future. Our campuses will be constantly transforming to meet the pressing needs of future learners. These modifications are fresh, new and exciting and are something that all Wintec staff and students can truly look forward to!

In October 2013, Wintec's Siteworx team won the Fletcher Construction judges' choice award at the Property Council's We Are Waikato awards. The award recognised the significant contribution our campus modernisation project has made to the local economy over the last 10 years.

New Spaces on Campus

PwC Centre - A new neighbour for Wintec

The PwC Centre is a new office building developed in 2013 by McConnell Property on the corner of Anglesea and Ward Streets, adjacent to Wintec and the Centre Place shopping mall.

This building further assists with connecting Wintec's Tristram Street campus to the city. The five-storey, 5,300 square-metre building is made up of tenanted offices and retail/café outlets.

A Refurbished Media Arts Complex

As part of Wintec's modernisation programme, we refurbished our media arts facility.

This included the installation of a new roof and large glazed entrances along the Collingwood Street face of the facility. To align with these new entrances, a large student social space was introduced, Ramp Gallery received a new display and foyer space and an open plan tutor space was created.

A cedar screen was also installed to the front of the building as well as additional glazed windows on the south-east corner and west elevation.

The Engineering and Trades Facility (Rotokauri Campus) coming soon…

We will have a new engineering and trades facility at our Rotokauri campus in 2014. Its unique design and function will make it the most modern engineering and trades education facility in New Zealand. The facility will modernise the way engineering, built environment, and vocational trades training is delivered.

By Semester 1, 2014 engineering and built environment students will be taught in this facility. The Centre for Industry Training will also begin operating training venues for local industry at this time.

In Semester 2, 2014 trades students will be taught in the facility.

Included in the project is a review and redesign of programmes to suit both the needs of the learner and industry for innovative, technology-driven, efficient and flexible learning.

Modernisation will be both educational and physical in nature, changing both styles of learning and teaching and the physical environment and equipment.