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Quick Facts

Our Students

Student Enrolments (Headcount)26,362
Equivalent Full Time Student (EFTS)16,642
International Enrolments (Headcount)1,127
Ethnicity of Students
 Not Declared361

Our Staff

Total Staff (FTE)2579.29

Our Financials

Revenue 2009 ($000)72,855
Expenditure 2009 ($000)70,862
Capital Expenditure 2009 (Net) ($000)12,188

Our Assets

Total Assets 2009 ($000)3123,817
Total Institute Land462.6Ha


  1. The EFTS system is a method of counting tertiary student numbers. The basis of the EFTS system is that a student taking a normal year's full-time study equals 1.0 EFTS unit and the courses taken by part-time students are calculated as part of one EFTS unit on a pro-rata basis.
  2. Total staff excludes casual staff (i.e. those staff employed based purely on hours worked).
  3. Current & Non Current Assets.
  4. Other campuses are leased land/buildings which is not included in this figure.
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