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The Training Space

Catering Options

There are a variety of catering options open to you:

Companies can source their own catering and have it delivered to The Training Space. Catering companies who already deliver to the Centre include:

Maggys Logo

Maggy's Catering​
07 846 6185
The Read Out Cafe and Catering
027 274 8660

Edible Solutions Logo

Ed​ible Solu​tions
07 846 6185
Big River Café and Catering
07 834 1340​​​ ​
  • Wintec has a cafeteria in the Rotokauri Hub run by The Read Out Cafe; individuals can purchase their lunch directly from the cafe situated 2 minutes’ walk from The Training Space.
  • Attendees can either bring their own lunch or purchase lunch off campus from The Base (5 minute drive) or bakeries, fast food outlets and supermarkets available on Te Rapa Road.
  • Wintec's Student Training Restaurant Windows on Avalon is open for meals although availability is dependent on the Restaurant timetable, and bookings are essential.