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​Staff Profiles

Erin Andersen – Director, Communications

After working in a small organisation for over 10 years I wanted to work for a large organisation again. I knew that Wintec had a great reputation in this region, and the job appealed to me.

My job in a nutshell covers internal and external communications, media management, and working closely with the CE and executive team to advise in all areas of communication. Identifying PR opportunities, assisting with key events and overseeing the management of our great venue spaces are all added bonuses to my role.   I lead a small, yet highly effective team, who have a relatively large impact on Wintec’s reputation, our staff, our students and our community. Ensuring the reputation for Wintec is maintained and enhanced in a positive way is key to my role and area.  Me and my team spend a lot of time advising people on the best way to achieve that. 

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I enjoy the challenges and rewards that come with communicating to a large number of staff, stakeholders, and students. The variety of tasks, issues, and opportunities that the role presents means that no day is the same.  Wintec is the type of place where I’m sure you could work at for years and not meet everyone who works for the organisation.  Generally staff are welcoming, open to ideas, and in my opinion I think the culture is really healthy.