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At Wintec we’re committed to research and development, and aim to become a preferred employer for applied researchers. By providing an environment where researchers can thrive we believe there’s opportunity for individuals and teams to add value to the communities and industries through research and development. Research careers can be pursued through one or more research focus areas:​

  • Research that is focused on supporting our training programmes to ensure we remain up to date with subject content and industry and community requirements.​
  • Research also informs and improves our educational excellence, allowing us to remain current with new technologies that enhance educational excellence and programme delivery.​
  • Industry and community organisations use interfaces such as our research facilities and research voucher scheme to access our research services. The outcomes help them answer questions, solve problems and develop ideas they have, enhancing their business or service delivery environment. ​
  • Some of our research has the potential to be commercialised. When this occurs we take the outcome through an evaluation process, and where successful, out to the market via our commercialization entity.​

For further information on our research and development activities and industry and community interfaces click here.​ Research Website