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Making Life Easier

At Wintec, we strongly encourage a work-life balance.

Wintec staff enjoy generous paid annual leave provisions, and at Christmas and New Year, Wintec closes completely for around 10 days, ensuring everyone has a good break to spend with family and friends. While conditions apply, there is also the opportunity to purchase additional leave on an annual basis.

Our staff also continue to receive full salary while they are on jury service.

We have IT systems that allow staff to access emails and personal files from home. Our HR21 self-service kiosk means all staff can immediately access their leave, position and salary details when they need to and when it suits them, either from work or from home.

Family Friendly

As well as the paid parental leave provided by the government, eligible Wintec staff receive an additional six weeks paid maternity leave (paid as a grant).

All staff are entitled to one 'Wellness Day' each year, which is a day to 'recharge the batteries' and may be used for any purpose, such as going for a massage, attending a school event, or to support elderly parents.

Our on-site child care centre offers hours to accommodate flexible working arrangements and it's nice having your family close by.

Balance is important and we encourage flexible working arrangements which work well for everyone. We have developed specific guidelines for flexible working arrangements which are aimed at helping staff get the most of their day while also meeting their work obligations.

Even the little things count!

We also provide some little things to help make life easier:

  • Dry-cleaning can be collected and returned at work.
  • Hairdressing and beauty therapy services for staff, their families and friends are available on campus at competitive prices.
  • We've even negotiated discount veterinary services through Wintec's veterinary programmes for staff to keep family pets healthy!
  • We've got our own on-site restaurant (Windows) for staff, families and friends, where you can experience great quality food and drinks at competitive prices.
  • And if you need cash in a hurry, we have an ATM machine on site too.


Relocation assistance is often available for new staff relocating to work at Wintec. More information will be provided at the job offer stage. If you’re relocating from another country visit our Moving to New Zealand page for useful information.