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About Us

Our Vision

‘Building a stronger community through education, research and career development.’

‘Ki te whakakaha i te iwi hāpori mā te ara matauranga, rangahau arā umanga whanakenga.’

What we come to work for

We are here to provide innovative and high quality vocationally-orientated education and training. We aim to provide graduates who are work ready and employable to meet the needs of businesses and industry in our region.

Over the last six years we’ve undergone significant changes to ensure we’re a modern, innovative, customer-focused organisation - that includes our people, our campuses, our processes and our teaching.

Life at Wintec

We realise that it's important to look after our staff. In this section you'll find out what it is like to work at Wintec, including some of our current staff profiles.  We also have some information on how we help our staff to stay healthy and some of the little things we do to make everyday life easier - from onsite services to special deals at local businesses.

You'll also discover how we reward and recognise our staff through awards programmes, and you can check out some of the events that encourage staff to get to know their colleagues better and have fun at the same time!

We take learning seriously - it's our business after all! In the 'your development' section you can find out more about the many professional development opportunities we provide for our staff - whether it's improving computer skills, tertiary study, or academic research there are options available to everyone.

Our People

Wintec people are passionate about helping students and making a positive difference in the community - we love what we do and the people we work with.

We want to be leaders in the tertiary sector so the professional development of our people is critical. As a Wintec employee, you’ll have ongoing access to a range of development opportunities to equip you with the skills and knowledge for success, and through academic and industry research you'll truly be making a difference for our community.

Our Values - the way we do things around here

Our values are at the heart of our organisation. They set expectations of how we work and communicate with our colleagues, students staff and the community. Simply having values isn’t enough though and that’s why we actively reward and recognise staff who live our values in their day to day work.

They are also pivotal in our staff recruitment. If you’re considering working with us, please look at our values and to see if they fit with the way you like to work. We hope they do.

Wintec - looking forward

The Waikato area is growing rapidly and there is strong demand for skills, particularly in new industries. The need for New Zealand to succeed in a global environment means that we must play our part in developing the skills and capabilities of people in our region to enable them to succeed on this global stage.

To make sure we are successful, we focus on good planning and effective strategy, committed leadership, a strong, positive can-do attitude, greater flexibility, comprehensive communication to all our staff and an enormous input of energy and passion.

The question for everyone at Wintec is: what part can I play in making the Wintec story of the next five years a successful one?