We're proud to sponsor a number of organisations and events in our region - from Habitat for Humanity to the Hamilton Gardens' Summer Festival to the Hamilton 400.

If you have a sponsorship request that you think might suit Wintec, please read our sponsorship policy below.

Sponsorship Guidelines

Wintec receives a large number of applications for sponsorship. To help us to understand and better assess your sponsorship request, your application should include the following details:

  • Contact Details
  • Contact person
  • Postal address
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address

Sponsorship Details

  • Event name: (if applicable)
  • Organisation name
  • Organisation details: (Includes history, values and objectives)
  • Project / Event details: (Includes dates and description)
  • Project / Event history: (is it a one off or ongoing opportunity?)
  • Who is your audience? (Include number and demographic details)
  • Who are your key partners and what is their involvement?
  • What support are you looking to Wintec for?
  • What benefits would Wintec receive?
  • Financials: In order for us to evaluate the financial viability of the Project / Event you will need to provide budgetary information. This needs to include the projected costs along with how the Project / Event is being funded.
  • Supporting material: If you have any other support material such as promotional flyers, posters etc or relevant media clippings we would recommend that you include these as well.
  • An overview of your marketing plan

Sponsorship Proposal

The sponsorship proposal must:

  • Clearly reflect and demonstrate our Values
  • Provide tangible benefits to our community
  • Provide opportunities at either a brand profile or student recruitment level
  • Have high impact, relevance and visibility
  • Reflect excellence


We will consider proposals in all categories except:

  • Individuals, as it is not possible to support on an equitable basis
  • Any event involving discrimination
  • Illegal or high-risk activities or events
  • Any political or religious event or organisation
  • Those undertaken with under-resourced organisations or to cover the costs of organisational administration

Process for Consideration

Please note where possible we require a 3 month prior notice period for sponsorship proposals to ensure Wintec and the applicant can work through any information and requirements.

Sponsorship requests which do not meet our initial criteria will not progress further.


For more information about sponsorship requests please contact warwick.pitts@wintec.ac.nz