Rachel Lamdin Hunter

April 2018


Wintec Senior Academic Staff Member

Rachel Lamdin Hunter is a Wintec graduate and now Wintec Senior Academic Staff Member. She did her Bachelor of Nursing in the 1990s before working as a registered nurse in child health. Rachel returned to teach on the Bachelor of Nursing in 2009, in cultural safety, lifespan development, and child and family health. She now also teaches and supervises in the Postgraduate programme at the Centre for Health and Social Practice.

Rachel’s research interests began with her Master’s degree in which she looked at various aspects of women’s lives, including nurses, women and work, and women in sex work. She shifted her focus to look at mothers, their children, and wellbeing in lone mother ‘motherled’ households for her PhD, which she completed in 2017. In it, Rachel used an ante-narrative storytelling mode, with aspects of semi-fictional constructed vignette, to tell mothers’ stories of their lives and wellbeing in the context of their motherled families. She found that there was a lot more to the stories of resilience or struggle than was being talked about!

In her current research, Rachel continues to follow the lives and wellbeing of people in the context of family life. Rachel is presenting part of her PhD findings at an international conference on feminism and motherhood, which is being held in Florence, Italy during May.  




rachel lamdin hunter