Maddie Zadeh

May 2017

Academic Staff Member in the Centre for Science and Primary Industries (CeSPI).

Maddie Zadeh is an environmental geochemist whose research interest covers the long-term accumulation of heavy metals in soil and sediment, heavy metal immobilisation, the impact of fertiliser use on soil, and water quality, the interaction between natural organic matter, and trace elements in soil, water and minerals, and environmental issues concerning trace metals. She enjoys sampling, lab work and data analysis. Maddie completed her Bachelor’s (civil engineering) and Master’s (environmental engineering) degrees in Iran, and then moved to New Zealand for her PhD research at Waikato University.

The accumulation and transfer of metals and nutrient species within soils is controlled to a large extent by interactions at the soil-water-root interface. Therefore, during her PhD, she was involved in studying the fate, mobility and transformation of cadmium, a toxic element, in New Zealand soils in collaboration with New Zealand research institutes, including DairyNZ, Landcare and Fertiliser association of New Zealand. Having submitted her PhD thesis, entitled ‘Cadmium accumulation in New Zealand agricultural soils’, two months ago, Maddie is now waiting for her oral PhD exam. She has published six papers in peer reviewed journals and made a couple of presentations at international conferences. She is now working on two papers from her PhD research results.

Maddie is one of a number of female science academics and researchers who Wintec is proud to have welcomed recently. Aside from research, Maddie is teaching Environmental Assessment and Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, and Practical Skills within CeSPI.

Maddie Zadeh