Kent Macpherson

Sep 2017


Kent Macpherson is a sonic artist, composer, researcher, and audio technology lecturer and Academic Staff Member in the School of Media Arts. He did his Master of Arts in Music at Wintec and graduated with distinction. 

Kent describes his overall research theme as “sound mapping, sonic art and performance”. His practice looks primarily at field recording (phonography - capturing found and unfound sound), improvisation, electro-acoustic composition, musical performance/composition, and sonic art. His sonic art practice has utilised contact microphones and hydrophones to capture the sounds emitted by large resonating structures such as bridges, turbines, aerials and buildings, and explores the re-contextualisation of hidden sounds in new environments. ‘The absent sense’ (recordings of wine fermentation), Kent’s most recent sonic artwork, was shown at Blue Roof gallery in Chengdu, China in 2017. 

He has been involved in a large number of collaborative projects with other members of the Media Arts team, including the ‘Piano and Eggs’ early morning concert series, and ‘To Sleep’ all-night music performances. A recent project involving collaborators from within and outside Wintec was ‘Band in a Bubble’, a composition, recording and performance event that took place during the #SPARK17 festival at Wintec in August (see story in this issue). Kent developed this project to examine the nexus of the internal-creative, and
external-performative aspects of music composition. In late 2016, Kent was part of the collaborative project, ‘Wild Sonic Blooms’ with visiting Japanese fellow, Haco, and other Wintec and external musicians. 

Kent’s work has been published by eight different production music libraries worldwide. Formerly, he was a secondary school music teacher and itinerant guitar and bass teacher. 

Kent has a wife, two children, and a beautiful Yamaha upright Piano inherited from his mother which has inspired a recent interest in piano composition and performance, culminating in the 2014 album, ‘As The Ice Fell We Became Light’.


Kent Macpherson