Jamal Abarashi

June 2018


Jamal Abarashi recently joined Wintec as a Senior Academic Staff Member in the Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise (CBITE). He is involved in designing and developing postgraduate business programmes. 

On completing his MBA in Global Marketing from Multimedia University (Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia), in 2012, Jamal began his PhD in Marketing at the University of Otago, New Zealand. His thesis looked into consumption practices and experiences of consumer communities. He adopted a longitudinal netnographic research approach to explore the complex dynamics of a bag lovers’ community from a Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) perspective. He utilised his critical thinking and analytical skills to gain in-depth emic and etic perspectives of this phenomenon.

While still a PhD student, Jamal worked as a tutor and lecturer to undergraduates, teaching a variety of subjects including Consumer Behaviour, Integrated Marketing Communications, Sales and Sales Management, Marketing Management, and Marketing and Consumption. Jamal successfully finished his doctoral degree and graduated in December 2017. 

Jamal has a range of research interests within consumer behaviour. His primary interest relates to his sociologically based world view on the complex relationships between consumers and marketplaces. Adopting a sociocultural approach can give new insights into complex, messy and rapidly evolving contemporary marketplaces. Drawing from his expertise in the field of CCT, Jamal is interested in looking at the cultural dimensions of the consumption cycle while exploring sustainable consumption practices. Specifically, he is interested in the sociocultural complexities of such practices in the context of collaborative consumption. 

After years of being in academia as a student, tutor, researcher and lecturer, Jamal feels there is nowhere else that he would want to work.




Jamal Abarashi