Henk Roodt

Oct 2016

Henk Roodt, Centre for Research & Applied Innovation

Henk joined Wintec in 2013 after developing the scope and motivation for an Industrial Design Engineering capability that includes 3D printing, sensor technology and simulation capacity. 

His current projects in Wintec include simulation of sustainable and regenerative processes, support for the Masters in Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation and establishing new areas of applied and industry focussed research.    A good example of a new area that he believes will gain prominence in New Zealand is that of societal, environmental and business regeneration.  Recent work by Wintec in this area focussed on the design of a low carbon footprint farm, which showed how it could change to incorporate waste management using a biodigester and aquaculture.  A paper on this was presented at the IEEE Systems conference in Vancouver in 2015.  This work is continuing and will form the basis of understanding circular economies.  The underlying technology used in the current study is simulation modelling using system dynamics, Bayesian reasoning and agent based models. 

He is also the project lead for a proposed ITP wide initiative on Energy Sufficiency Research.  Aspects of this work are being developed into an invited paper for a special edition of the Journal of Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Over the years he was involved in a range of research and industry activities including the development of the National Space Agency for South Africa and establishing a Systems Simulation and Design Engineering group for national decision making on technology acquisition.  He also worked as a systems design engineer on poverty alleviation, water resource management and micro satellites for geospatial projects.

Henk holds an MSc in Physics and a PhD in Engineering Science from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.   His PhD work included atmospheric transmittance characterisation, modelling of spectral characteristics of combustion processes, understanding and design of electro-optical imaging sensors, neural network modelling of complex thermodynamics and the design of rocket propellants.


Henk Roodt