Dr Ayesha Hakim

May 2018


Dr. Ayesha Hakim joined CBITE as an Academic Staff Member in 2017, teaching Web Development, Web Architecture, and Human Computer Interaction. Ayesha has a PhD in Computer Science with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence, obtained from Massey University in 2014. She has a BS (Hons) in Computer Science (with Distinction) from Pakistan, for which she was awarded a Gold Medal in 2010.

Ayesha’s primary research area is computational analysis of human emotion dynamics using machine learning techniques based on psychological models. Her models tend to improve the human machine interaction by enabling computers to recognise and ‘understand’ internal emotions using facial expressions. She is eager to apply her research to improve learning experience by automatically informing tutors of students’ level of attention and engagement during class. She is also interested in applying her research in IOT to monitor elderly, children, or those suffering from mental disorders in hospitals or ‘smart homes’. Another research interest is in automatic analysis of birds’ voice with an aim to preserve endangered species by locating them using their song/call.

Ayesha has well-defined industry as well as teaching experience in New Zealand and overseas. Before joining Wintec, she worked at the University of Auckland as a research specialist and at Massey University as an IT support specialist at Massey Genome Services. Before joining academia, she worked in industry as a full stack web developer. She has strong expertise in Angular, PHP (Laravel), MATLAB, C#.NET, and Java. She has won several research contribution awards including best presenter awards at various IET and IEEE events.

Outside work, she spends time with her 7 year old son and 5 month old daughter. She loves travelling and had visited countries including Malaysia, Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia and somen in the Middle East. She was born in Pakistan and has lived in New Zealand for ten years.

While he still loves genetic engineering, business and society relationships are his main passion now and he spends most of his spare time monitoring global events.



Dr Ayesha Hakim