Adrian France

Jan 2017

Adrian France, Centre for Business Enterprise (CBE)

Adrian is a researcher and Research Leader in CBE. He specialises in lecturing Advanced Management Accounting and Research Methodology, supervises business research students, has multiple research projects across business, and is a reviewer for accounting and business journals. 

Adrian has a significant role in directing and upskilling students undertaking their research projects, and he was recently appointed back into the research leadership role with a passion for research and development of staff. With Adrian’s supervision his top students have also achieved journal publications. A recent journal publication includes the application of a contemporary costing analysis at a district health board. The results show that implementing modern costing in non-profit organisations is valuable, with an appeal to attend to revenue allocation and profitability for model development. Other projects to be published include accountability assessment of non-profit organisations.  

The most significant project Adrian has been working on is a PhD thesis that is examining the communication and relationship between sport sponsors and their sponsorees. Research of this accountability of sport sponsorship dynamic has been lacking worldwide, though accountability of sport sponsorship and performance has received substantial media attention. Adrian has presented in New Zealand and Australia models and data of the results of initial investigations with the conclusions due in the near future. 

Adrian France