Research across Faculty

Centre of Engineering and Industrial Design

Research in the Centre of Engineering and Industrial Design responds to a number of Wintec’s research themes, with a particular focus on: Innovation, creativity and design; Transformative technologies; and Regeneration, revitalisation and transformation.

The CEID researchers have expertise in many fields including wireless sensor development, freight and traffic analysis in the New Zealand context, urban food production and the resilience of cities, mechanical characterisation of biological soft tissues, and materials processing. They maintain high levels of engagement with industry and community partners and with the international academic community, including hosting a research fellow from the Czech Republic. Engineering and Industrial Design researchers are also involved in Wintec’s transdisciplinary research zones, specifically the Biomedical Research Group and the Matariki Interactive Waka Sculpture project.

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Our Researchers

Centre for Health and Social Practice

Research within the Centre for Health and Social Practice (CHASP) can be grouped broadly into several key areas of strength, including:

  • Health services research, evaluation and policy
  • Māori health and wellbeing
  • Interprofessional and professional practice
  • Teaching and learning
  • Dementia and palliative care
  • Community and primary health care

CHASP links health and social practice researchers at Wintec to the health and social sectors through collaborative partnerships to build research capacity and quality, and to achieve research excellence in areas of strength. We work in collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure that research evidence is translated into policy and practice.

CHASP staff are currently collaborating on a range of projects and research activities, nationally and internationally, including projects funded by the Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (Healthier Lives - Healthier Lives), Trust Waikato and the Health Research Council of New Zealand. We are currently involved in a wide range of research projects with non-government organisations and key partners, including but not limited to: University of Sydney (Australia), Kingston and St George’s University (England), University of Waikato, Hospice Waikato, Tui Medical Ltd, Waikato Regional Diabetes Service, Tamahere-Eventide, Parkinson’s Society and the Waikato District Health Board.

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School of Media Arts

Research at the School of Media Arts is clustered around themes of Wellbeing, Transformation and Local to Global. These provided a focus for individual and collaborative research practice, and integrate research into other elements of the School which share the same themes.

The School of Media Arts operates across a rich range of applied media practice and theory; graphic design, digital design, contemporary art, photography, moving image, creative writing, interior design, fashion design, music, journalism, public relations and advertising. The breadth of the school’s applied and academic knowledge, combined with a strong and well established postgraduate programme and a proven track record of industry and community engagement, results in a productive research culture.

Highlights from the last 12 months include:

  • the writing and performance of new musical Tales of Nikolai Gogol, a collaboration between three of our researchers and the Hamilton Operatic Society
  • the Blue Roof Project, a Research Fellowship, to be followed in 2016 and 2017 by exhibitions of work from School of Media Arts researchers and Chinese artists at the Waikato Museum in Hamilton, New Zealand and the Blue Roof Museum in Chengdu, China
  • the publication of The New Wave: Hamilton’s Migrant Community, a collaboration between four of our researchers, students, and Aimee Cronin, the Wintec Editor in Residence
  • Survey Hamilton, an exhibition of fine arts and digital work by our researchers at the Waikato Museum.

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Centre for Languages

Research at the Centre for Languages focuses on adults’ usage of English as an additional language in multiple contexts. Particular highlights are intercultural communication and language teaching and learning for real-world situations.’

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Centre for Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation

CeTRI focusses on learning and solutions via research and innovation initiatives. From the regeneration of rural areas, building next generation farming or better communities for the elderly, we develop solutions that make a difference. We work with clients regionally, nationally and globally to develop research outcomes that are rigorous and impactful. Our five Research Facilities focus on using a transdisciplinary approach to provide solutions that make a difference. The postgraduate programmes we offer support this effort.

We help our customers develop new products or new research in the areas of farming, remote healthcare, rural development, youth engagement, smart ageing and more. We use the latest technologies available in our facilities, our research team and our global and national partners to help our clients understand the opportunities in developing innovative initiatives.

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Centre for Foundation Studies

Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) pursues high-impact research related to strategic priorities in the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES)(2015-2019). The overall goal is to raise awareness among stakeholders (including the Tertiary Education Commission, as well as Wintec managers and educators) how foundation-level skills are developed and tracked. More specifically, we have the following projects evolving:

  • Articulating tikanga Māori pedagogy for foundation learners
  • Ongoing analysis of literacy and numeracy assessment tool (LNAT) data to track Māori, Pasifika, Pākeha and other groups' reading and numeracy performance and progress
  • Bi-annual reporting on literacy-embedding strategies adopted by tutors who are required to deliver level-1 and level-2 units in level-1 to level-3 programmes at Wintec
  • Developing and applying valid and reliable instruments that explore learners' perceptions of self-efficacy and personal agency
  • Exploring foundation-level pedagogy, specifically inquiry- and project-based learning
  • Describing the principles and practices associated with community-based projects which involve foundation-level learners

Outputs include peer-reviewed publications in national and international journals; institutional project reports on small-scale interventions; as well as national and international conference papers.

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Research leader: Wilfred Greyling

Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning research focus centres on the principles for quality teaching and learning. There are several research strengths within the team with a focus on applied research. The current areas of research within the Centre for Teaching and Learning are:

  • Information technology and the impact this has on learners
  • Teaching, learning, and assessment of English as an additional language
  • Adult education, in particular the principles of relevant and worthwhile feedback
  • Field-based initial teacher education
  • Risk and challenge in early childhood education
  • Children's and adults creativity
  • ePortfolios in early childhood education
  • Formative assessment in early childhood education
  • Parent and whānau engagement in their young children's learning
  • Cultural considerations of non-corporeal entities in early childhood and possible implications for teachers
  • Rangahau – Kaupapa Māori research

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Research leader: Tracey Hooker