TEU strike September 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening?
Wintec’s teaching staff who are members of the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) have chosen to take strike action during pay negotiations with Wintec.

As part of the strike, TEU members will not be:

  • attending or taking part in programme committee meetings or any activity/meetings involving confirmation of results or:
  • entering grades/results into Arion and not providing paper versions of grades or results.

Currently this action is until 5pm, Friday 20 September 2019.

How many staff are involved?
Most of Wintec’s teaching staff are non-union members. They will continue to work as usual, along with support and administration staff to support our students.

What is Wintec doing about it?
Wintec is in negotiation with the TEU and we hope to reach an outcome soon.

We’re working to minimise the impact on our students to ensure that they can confidently move on with their study and access their results. Staff who are not union members are working as usual and many are assisting where they can to mitigate the impact on students.

Is student’s work still being marked?
Students’ work is still being marked and in cases where students don’t receive moderation or assessment results, we will work with that student to ensure they are not disadvantaged.

I’m a student, how do I get help during the strike?
Students with concerns should talk directly with their team managers or centre directors, this can be requested by contacting the school support staff.

If you are an international student you can also talk directly with our International Centre.

How are students notified of any change to the strike?
Student communications have been shared via student email and Moodle messaging and as we know more, we will be updating students via these channels.

In the event of a work stoppage, we’re unable to tell students in advance whether their classes will be affected or not due to the minimal notice time given. Wintec staff from centres and schools will communicate to students of any classes changed or cancelled via Moodle, closed Facebook groups, e-text and notices placed at the entranceways to learning environments.

What can students do if their class is cancelled?
If your class is cancelled because of the strike, you can:

  • Go to the Gallagher or Rotokauri Hub or any of our computer labs to work on your assignments
  • Visit the library if you’re looking for a quiet place to study or do research. Note: We now have fixed computers upstairs in the quiet space above the City campus Library and there are loan laptops in the Gallagher Hub and D Block for use onsite. There are also fixed computers for student use at the City and Rotokauri Hub.
  • All the usual online resources are available if you want to work off-campus.

Does the strike affect Waikato Trades Academy?
No. We have plans in place to mitigate disruption to students and we will continue to run Waikato Trades Academy classes as scheduled.