Creative Showcase | Music and Performing Arts Week

Join us at The Meteor to view the next generation of music and theatre talent coming out of Wintec School of Media Arts, from solo acts to cabarets and ensembles.    

FREE ENTRY and open to the public.

The Meteor, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton

Monday 18 November, 7.30pm - Wintec music variety evening
Tuesday 19 November, 7.30pm - 2nd and 3rd year showcase
Wednesday 20 November, 7.30pm - 1st year showcase
Thursday 21 November, 8.00pm - Song arranging showcase “Everything Old is  New Again”
Friday 22 November, 7.30pm - 1st year character cabarets


View the other events within our 2019 Creative Showcase:
Art and Design, Moving Image and Communication.

For more information about our Music and Performing Arts programmes visit School of Media Arts.