Slumber Concert

Matariki banner 2019
When: 25 July 2019. 6-8pm 
Where: Te Kōpū Mānia o Kirikiriroa Marae, Wintec City Campus 

Ramp festival in association with Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army presents The Slumber Concert.

This live multimedia performance sees the space inside the Wharenui expanded through abstract visuals and textural sound. DMPA (Kent Macpherson, Jeremy Mayall, Paul Bradley, Eszter Le Couteur) with special guest Horomona Horo create this experience live - everything you see and hear happens for the first time as part of this demonstration of creativity and collaboration.

You will lie back on the provided mattresses and be able to immerse yourself in the experience. It is a chance to relax in the space, reflect on the akoranga and māramatanga of the various talks, and engage in a process of mindfulness as we near the end of the Ramp Festival week, as well as the end of Matariki.

What are the details?

Turn up to the wharenui, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy a live multimedia performance (music and visual art) with projections on the walls and roof of the wharenui all created live by Dr Mesmers Private Army and Horomona Horo.