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Ramp Talks | Emily Miller-Sharma on Mindful Fashion NZ

Emily Miller-Sharma from Ruby
Emily Miller-Sharma (G.M RUBY*), will be leading this Ramp Talk speaking about socially ethical and environmentally responsible clothing production.

Emily will be taking us through her collaborative approach, considering ethical issues within local fashion production and exploring strategies to make real and useful progress in this realm.

RUBY has been working, alongside Kate Sylvester, to set up a fashion industry body called Mindful Fashion New Zealand (MFNZ).

*Emily Miller-Sharma is General Manager of New Zealand fashion brand RUBY, and designer of Liam which is sold in RUBY’s 9 stores nationwide.

When: 12-1pm on Thursday 23 May
Where: Events Room 2, Gallagher Hub, Wintec City Campus 

Come and join this FREE #RampTalks put on by Wintec School of Media Arts, which is open to all Wintec students, alumni and our creative community. Ramp Talks is a place to explore creative practice and continual learning.