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COVID-19 frequently asked questions 

Wintec is operating under Alert Level 1, and we are here to support our students’ learning. Together we are working with our students to support your education.

Please find answers to your most frequently asked questions on this page, which we will continue to update as we hear more from you. 

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email


As a student, what does Alert Level 1 mean for me?

At Alert Level 1 it is considered COVID-19 is contained in New Zealand but we need to be ready in case it reappears in our community.

Some important things to remember are: 

  • There are no restrictions on numbers of people gathering and everyone can return to work, school, sports and domestic travel.
  • Keep checking in with QR codes – it’s important we continue keeping track of where we’ve been. As an educational institution we are required to ensure that staff and students are scanning QR codes.  
  • Face coverings – You do not need to wear a face covering in Alert Level 1 in class or on campus, but keeping safe is still important. You can be prepared by having a supply of face coverings for the people in your household.
  • There are no restrictions on personal movement at Alert Level 1, however border restrictions remain while COVID-19 is uncontrolled overseas. Under Alert Level 1, isolated local transmission could be occurring in New Zealand.

The most important things you can do to protect yourself and others are:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • hand hygiene
  • physical distancing
  • coughing and sneezing into your elbow
  • regular cleaning of high touch surfaces and
  • seek medical advice via your doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Find out more about Alert Level 1.


Access to Wintec buildings and services during Alert Level 1

Wintec buildings and services are open as normal.

City Campus

  • The City Hub is open to everyone from 7am-8pm Monday–Thursday and until 5pm on Friday with swipe access for staff and students outside of these hours and over the weekend.
  • The Library is open 8am until 4pm weekdays, and also operating online.
  • ITS Help Desk is open from 8am until 4pm or email or call 0800 494 6832.
  • Wintec Health Services on the City campus is open 8.30am–3.30pm Monday-Friday.

Rotokauri Campus

  • The Rotokauri Hub (S Block) is open from 6am-7pm Monday–Friday with swipe access for staff and students outside these hours and over the weekend until 10pm.
  • The Library is open 8am until 4pm weekdays, and also operating online.
  • Health Services at Rotokauri is open from 8.30am–2pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m feeling overwhelmed - where can I get support?

Wintec counsellors are available for face to face and phone-based support. Email to ask about a session. Alternately, Benestar, our wellbeing support provider, is also available to students. To access support, please email, and they can arrange phone-based counselling. 

The Mental Health Foundation has a number of tools to help with your mental wellbeing. You can also check out these pages for support:

You can find out what government support is available to you if you are struggling to get essential services and basic needs here.

What other external resources are available to me?

The following resources contain up-to-date information relating to COVID-19:

What are rules for safe distancing in social spaces like the hub?

At Alert Level 1, COVID-19 is contained and social distancing no longer applies.

Wintec hubs and services are open during Level 1.

Remember to scan your QR code when going into the hubs so that we can continue with contact tracing.

I’m worried I may have come in contact with COVID-19. Should I stay at home? 

Unless you are feeling unwell, or have symptoms, it’s business as usual for study and work. If you were in any places the COVID-19 Government tracing team are concerned about, then you may get a phone call if you used the contact tracing app.

If you have symptoms, then please get tested. If not, please try not to stress about it. Find information on COVID-19 testing, including where to find testing centres here. If you have been tested or confirmed with COVID-19, you will also need to complete the Wintec COVID-19 update form.

Support services

Are the student support services available? 

Yes, all Wintec Support Services are open and available as usual. You can also check-out the Academic Learning Toolkit designed to help you through your study journey and connect you to additional support services.


Course information

Do we still have to submit hard copies of our assessments?

Now that we have returned to campus some classes might require hard copies, however, your tutor should have informed you of this. Check with your tutor if you are unsure.

Will marking and assessment concessions be more flexible?

We recognise that this is a stressful time for everyone and will be taking students situations into consideration. Keep communicating with your tutors if you are struggling or you feel your performance is impaired and follow normal processes. We are certainly taking a gentle approach in these uncertain times.

Will our assessments be changing?

Any changes to assessments, group or otherwise, should have all been made and communicated to you. If you are still unsure about your assessments, please get in touch with your tutor ASAP. If you need an extension for any assessments, then discuss this with your tutor. If you still need clarity, then talk to the team manager for that programme.

What if I need specialist equipment to complete an assessment, but I don't have it? 

All Wintec campuses are fully open. On campus, you will have access to specialist software and equipment in our computer labs. Some software is also now available in the cloud so that staff and students can get access to it. Contact your tutor to find out what the situation is with the software you require.

Will I be able to access one on one support with my tutor?

This should be possible. Contact your tutor via email and request a specific time to meet with them on-line via zoom. Remember that they will be busy with other students too, so be ready with specific questions and perhaps even email some questions through so that they can prepare before they meet with you.

I don't have a laptop/computer at home - can Wintec help?

Let us know. Email your student name, ID number, centre, programme/module to or call us on 0800 2 Wintec. Also, there are laptop dispensers, where you can borrow a laptop for a few hours, at both our City and Rotokauri hubs.

Can we get specialist software put on our personal computers (at no cost)?

Some software is now available in the cloud so that staff and students can get access to it. Contact your tutor to find out what the situation is with the software you require.

Can we get access to specialist software/equipment during this time?

All Wintec campuses are fully open. On campus, you will have access to specialist software and equipment in our computer labs. Some software is also now available in the cloud so that staff and students can get access to it. Contact your tutor to find out what the situation is with the software you require. 

I need access to Microsoft 365 for my online learning, can Wintec give this to me at a discount?

Yes, Wintec students can get Microsoft 365 for free. Click here to get more information and steps on how to download this software.

International students

As an international student, where can I get relevant and useful updates about being an international student in New Zealand, especially during Covid-19 Alert Level 1?

We recommend you register with NauMai NZ - a New Zealand Education resource for international students. You can join to receive regular email updates regarding study, visas, healthcare and finances. Visit their website here.

Don’t forget to check the Wintec COVID-19 page for up to date information on what is happening in the country and at Wintec here.

I am feeling a bit nervous about being on campus right now – is there someone I can talk to?
We understand that you might feel some stress being on campus while there are Alert Level restrictions, but don’t worry – we’re here to help. Contact the International Student Advisors at or come to B Block at the City Campus between 10am and 3pm, or to The Hub at Rotokauri Campus any Tuesday to find an advisor. We can chat with you to better understand your concerns, take a tour of the campus with you and help ease you back into things.

Are International students eligible for any rental or living expense support?

Yes, there is a Financial Hardship fund available to help students who have immediate and temporary financial difficulties. If you are in financial need, please apply by filling out the application form here.

Can you help me to find a job?

Yes, our Careers team can help. They’ll help you create a New Zealand style CV and cover letter, assist with interview skills, show you great places to search for jobs and help with general employability skills. They also run workshops designed to help you find work. Contact them at

I have a few questions about my visa – who can I talk to?

Come along and chat with the team at SEIC – Student enrolment. You’ll find them in A Block on City Campus, and in the Hub at Rotokauri Campus. You can also email them at

I am feeling a bit stressed and worried about everything. It’s starting to affect my studies. Where can I get support?
Your wellbeing and academic success are important to us – we’re here to help. Contact the International Student Advisors at or pop in and see us. Once we better understand your situation, we’ll be able to connect you with appropriate support and help you get back on track. Drop-in times 10am-3pm daily at B Block reception, City campus and every Tuesday, in the Hub at Rotokauri campus. Look for the International Student Support flag – come and see us!
I have a few questions about my studies and my life in New Zealand, who can I talk to?
The Student Support Team at the International Centre are here to help you. Contact us at and we’ll talk things through with you. Once we better understand your situation, we’ll be able to connect you with appropriate support and help you get back on track. Drop-in times 10am-3pm daily at B Block reception, City campus and every Tuesday, in the Hub at Rotokauri campus. Look for the International Student Support flag. Come and see us and we’ll help you get the answers you need.
I have not had a chance to make friends or see much of New Zealand. Are there any trips or events happening that I could attend?

We are running a great schedule of activities and events for Semester 2 and would love you to come along. Join the Wintec International Students Facebook page to stay up-to-date or click here for the current event schedule.

Joining in is a great way to make new friends, relax and try something new! Contact our International student events team at


Where can I get official information about student visas?
Come to the Student Enrolment and Information Centre in A Block at the City Campus, or the Student Information desk located in The Hub at Rotokauri Campus. You can also visit Immigration New Zealand’s dedicated student visa holder webpage here.
Is there any support available for international students via the Assistance for Foreign Nationals programme?
Yes, there is – you can read about the Assistance for Foreign Nationals programme here. You can check the eligibility criteria here
Each person’s situation will be considered individually to ensure support reaches those who need it most. Eligibility will be established through a series of checks on visa and employment status, savings, outstanding debts and alternative sources of income. The programme is due to run until the end of September 2020.

Waikato Trades Academy (WTA)

I am doing a WTA course. Is this still going ahead?

Yes, it sure is. We are keeping in regular contact with your schools so that they can notify you of any changes.

How do I access my WTA course?

To access your online learning site (Moodle) and course information, click here.

Follow the link and log in using your 'Username' and 'Password' details.  
Once you have logged in, you will see the course or courses that you are enrolled in on your dashboard. 

This also includes a course named 'Keteparaha - Toolbox of Resources'. This course contains helpful information and resources about learning online, meeting the team, and how to get support. Please take the time to have a look at this. We have also attached a Student Moodle User Guide with some basic instructions on how to navigate your way around Moodle.

If you select your course, it will open your programme's Moodle site. Our expectation is that you will log in to Moodle on your normal designated Trades Academy days. This is when your tutors will be available for any questions or additional support. You should continue to work on your schoolwork, as assigned through your school, for the remaining days of the week.

I don’t know my WTA login or password.

If you need your login and/or password, head to the "student password portal" and follow the instructions to find your username and reset your password. Alternatively, phone 0800 4 Wintec (0800 4 946832) and we can help you out. We are open from 8am–5pm Monday to Friday.

I have questions about my WTA course.

If you have any questions please contact your tutor, their contact details are available for you on the main page of your Moodle programme site. If you are having issues logging into Moodle for the first time, you can contact your student advisor.

WTA Student Advisors:

Jackie Uerata, Kopu Campus:  
Yvonne Maru, Otorohanga Campus:
Koro Amai, Rotokauri Campus: 
Will Helu, Rotokauri Campus:
Natalie Freeman, Rotokauri Campus:


A passion for Māori health sees study mates become workmates

Sarina Wawatai is working to make a difference to Māori

Studying together at Wintec, Sarina Wawatai and her nursing mates dreamt that one day they would all work in the same place, making a difference to Māori.

Fast-forward ten years and that dream has become a reality with five of them working for iwi-based health provider Raukura Hauora o Tainui which oversees the health of 20,000 patients throughout the Waikato.

Together they are working to improve health equity and make a difference for Māori.

The friends met while studying the Tihei Mauri Ora stream of Wintec’s Bachelor of Nursing degree – a unique programme where Māori or Pasifika students learn knowledge and perspectives from both the western and Māori worlds, whilst studying to become a registered nurse.

“Meeting this like-minded and passionate bunch of women was definitely one of the highlights of studying at Wintec. We met as strangers but through our journey and the trials and tribulations of studying, we became very close. We had stress, tears, laughter and more laughter!

“We’ve all grown into strong leaders and we all have the same passion to help Māori. It’s such a privilege to work alongside strong Māori nurses.”

Of Ngāti Porou descent, but Huntly-born and raised, Wawatai left school and had three children – now aged 11, 14 and 15 – before pursuing a career in nursing.

“I always wanted a job that supported people so when my youngest was 11 months old, I enrolled in Wintec’s Bachelor of Nursing. Studying with three young kids was a juggle but I was lucky to have really good whānau support.”

In her last year of study, Wawatai worked for Ngamiro Community Health Services as a Māori Community Health Worker in Ngāruawāhia.

“This gave me good insight into working in a close-knit community and I really valued going into people’s homes to offer health services. This was a great foundation step for my nursing career. It gave me a realistic view of our whānau needs and how my training needed to be moulded to match those needs.”

After graduating, she worked in surgery and the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) department at Waikato Hospital for two years before she returned to community nursing.

Initially a whānau outreach nurse for Raukura Hauora o Tainui, Wawatai made a steady incline towards the clinical services manager role, overseeing all GP practices and clinical community services.

Last November, she made the move to the Hauraki Primary Health Organisation which oversees the health of 66,000 patients throughout the Waikato and Hauraki area. As Māori Health Equity Gains and Clinical Manager, Wawatai oversees all the community services teams and works towards narrowing the Māori health equity gap.

“Going into management wasn’t my plan as I’ve always liked hands-on nursing and working with patients; but the move made sense. Working within the Hauraki PHO and representing both my PHO at national initiatives such as National GPNZ Māori Leadership Group and National Childhood Advisory Group are invaluable experiences.

“I’ve realised that being in management actually means you can make a bigger difference and have a louder voice for Māori.”

The role is three days a week, and she spends her additional two working days at Raukura Hauora o Tainui in her service manager role.

“In both organisations my job is to guide my teams to deliver the best quality service we can and ensure that health is equitable for Māori. I support GP practices, manage our community services and have three teams with 15 staff. I also really enjoy being part of committees and advisory groups and working collectively with other health organisations like other NGO’s, PHO’s, the DHB and Ministry of Health.”

As an essential worker, Wawatai worked throughout New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdown.

“Lockdown was very challenging but also an exciting time to work in healthcare. We had to change from offering face-to-face consultations to online consultations in just 48 hours. Māori health providers became very agile and adaptable during lockdown, working collectively together for the same kaupapa.”

Now out of lockdown, life with two jobs and three teenagers is still busy, but you won’t hear her complaining.

“I feel like I’m on the right pathway and I am doing what I am passionate about - making a difference for Māori.”

Find out more about studying nursing at Wintec.

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