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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit my application?

You can enrol online at or pop into the WINTEC Student Enrolment and Information Centre. You must provide a verified copy of your birth certificate or passport; you can upload this to your online application or scan to your student consultant. If you bring the original document into the Enrolment Centre we can verify a copy for you.

I got a criminal conviction when I was younger; will this stop me from studying?

Not necessarily and not if you study a foundation programme but it pays to check with the Team Manager of the course you want to go onto  i.e. Nursing and the Nursing Council, to make sure it will not stop you in the future.

How do I go about re-enrolling?

If you are ready to re-enrol, there are two ways you can do this. Either by doing an online application; see the link below:

Or call into one of our campuses, at the City or the Rotokauri campus. If you call in at the Student Enrolment and Information Centre we can print off a returning student form, all you need to do is to make sure all your personal details are up to date and we can make the relevant changes. Write in your chosen programme and sign and date the back of the form. It's as easy as that!

What does open entry mean?

Open entry means anyone over the age of 16 years regardless of school achievements/results (e.g. NCEA or School Certificate) is eligible to apply, if they can demonstrate a reasonable likelihood of success.


When should I apply for a student loan at Study Link?

You need to apply at least 21 days before your course starts to ensure your payment is made in time. You can apply for your Loan before you enrol for study but you need to be fully enrolled before Study Link process any payments on your behalf. Applications can be submitted at

I have done a similar paper before, how can I apply for Transfer of credit?

You will need to fill in and return an Application for Transfer of Credit which you will need to return with a Verified copy of your final and Official results from your current study and course descriptions/content of each of the papers you are looking at applying for Transfer of credit.

How do I know what my password and log on is?

Your password/log on is initially emailed to you on the Acknowledgement letter.

I've fully enrolled but the modules I've enrolled haven't shown in my Moodle. Why is that?

You will need to talk to your tutor to ensure your name/module has been added to the Moodle resource account.

Can I change my address (email, phone number etc.) with you?

Sure you can.  You can also update any personal details online when you log on to your Student at Wintec account so you don't need to come to us each time to update it.

I got a phone call / email / text from Wintec saying I missed a class.  But as I am aware I did attend all my classes.  What should I do now?

Please check with your tutor to clarify as he/she is the person who records your attendance.

How do I find my timetable?

All students will be provided with Timetable information during Induction Day as this is when all class information is finalised. You can also use the timetable application​ and select your modules to create a personalised timetable.

If you have any difficulties loading your timetable then pop into the HUB and have a chat with the Student Help Desk.


Contact the Student Enrolment and Information Centre here.